Lucky Shot Pool Club spring tournament results

Gary Vacin

Playoffs are set for the Lucky Shot Pool Club Championships following completion of the spring tournaments.

Jerry Cisneros won both the 9-Ball and 8-Ball spring tournaments. The 9-Ball championship will be determined by a playoff between Cisneros; Jack Hills, fall tournament winner; and Michael Dalsanders, winter tournament winner. Cisneros will face off against Kevin Beausjour, winter tournament winner, for the 8-Ball Championship.

Spring tournament results follow:

9-Ball Pocket 1: 1st Jerry Cisneros, 2nd J. R. Scheidereiter, 3rd Jeff Michelin

9-Ball Pocket 2: 1st Loren Boulanger, 2nd Joe Ingelmund, 3rd Bob Heilshorn

8-Ball Pocket 1: Jerry Cisneros, 2nd Jack Hill, 3rd Michael Dalsanders

8-Ball Pocket 2: 1st Rick Boyd, 2nd Rich Schager, 3rd Stan Hight

8-Ball Pocket 3: 1st Curtis Stearns, 2nd Rick Nelson, 3rd Dave Marcus

8-Ball Pocket 4: 1st Buddy Meola, 2nd John McHugh, 3rd Alan Behr

Club championship winners will be announced in the June Splash.