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Wayne Karp, Men’s Oakwood Golf Association

Are you new to the area or just looking for a great way to spend time on the course and meet some new friends? You don’t have to be a resident of IronOaks to join our group. We have over 350 members with golfers at every level. MOGA (Men’s Oakwood Golf Association) has an event each Thursday throughout the year. Why not join MOGA and meet some new friends while playing a variety of team and individual games each week? Membership application and more information is available on our website at Membership is also open to non-Oakwood residents.

Your MOGA Board is looking for someone to take over publicity chair. Bob Greene has resigned. We thank Bob for his many years of service with MOGA.

This is a key position in MOGA. What you read in the Sun Lakes Splash is prepared and written by the publicity chairman. This is important newsprint for us, as it tells the community what we are doing, and for new homeowners, it tells them what is available in our community.

The role requires a monthly input to the Sun Lakes Splash as well as taking pictures of special events, like our MOGA Champion and President’s Cup Champion. If you are interested in this position, please contact Dan Bogaard, MOGA President, at [email protected]

Upcoming schedule for May MOGA games:

We continue the first part of May with 8:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. shotgun starts. Sometime around the 15th of May, we will move to 7:30 a.m. and noon start times. Watch for more news on the website.

Coming up in May is a special tournament that we are reviving. It is the Guys and Dolls event. This event will be held the second Thursday in May, May 9. We have been working with the Oakwood Ladies Golf Association (OLGA) to get this back on our schedules. This event used to be called the Battle of the Sexes but was changed to Guys and Dolls for future events. This time around, we will be playing as partners with our lady guests instead of head-to-head matchups. An application will be available to sign up for this event. It is not quite ready yet but will be soon. Keep an eye out for it.

Our first event in May is a Team Stableford by Flight. This is an ABCD event played under Stableford scoring system. This will combine all Stableford scores per hole into a team score.

The PM event on May 9 will be an ABCD Shamble. If there are not enough golfers signed up for this event, it will be changed to an Individual Low Net event.

The third event in May is Match Play by Flights. Here you will be set up against one of your peers, pitting your skills against his on each hole. This is one of the more favorable events we have in MOGA.

Our fourth week in May has us playing a Low Gross/Low Net by Flights event. We will have winners for both gross and net in each flight (you are only eligible to win in either gross or net, but not both).

Finally, the last Thursday of May is an ABCD Mixed event. This is where the team takes one low net for holes 1-6, one low gross for holes 7-12 and one low gross and one low net for the final six holes – always a challenging game.

Game descriptions are on the MOGA website,

That’s it for May. We still have lots of games going on… see you on the course.