Lucky Shot Pool Group Winter 8-Ball and 9-Ball Winners

Pocket One, 9-Ball: 1st Jerry Cisneros, 2nd Dennis Chenier, 3rd Rich Schager

Pocket Two, 9-Ball: 1st Rick Boyd, 2nd Rick Nelson, 3rd Mike Jaltuch

Pocket One, 8-Ball: 1st Jerry Cisneros, 2nd Michael Dalsanders, 3rd Jeff Michelin

Pocket Two, 8-Ball: 1st Mike Jaltuch, 2nd Buddy Meola, 3rd Loren Boulanger

Pocket Three, 8-Ball: 1st Don Dailey, 2nd Rick Nelson (tie breaker), 3rd J. R. Scheidereiter

The Spring 8-Ball and 9-Ball pockets have been formed, and play will continue until April 10. The winners of the fall, winter, and spring Pocket One will play in April for this year’s 8-Ball and 9-Ball Champions.

The Lucky Shot Pool Club welcomes any residents of Sun Lakes as members. For additional information, contact Steve Colby, club tournament director, at 480-600-5392.