Make sense of the numbers that matter most

Sue Schwartz

Join CWPV Connections on October 14, Community Day, in the northwest corner of the Saguaro Room between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Our team will help you understand why 18,000 square feet is sized just right for our community.

The lack of a master plan or long-term strategy causes us to spend less, do a partial job and then spend more when we go back and build it right or remodel. Why repeat past mistakes when three of our homeowner Health & Wellness Task Forces independently recommended two stories and 18,000 square feet as the minimum space we require for 7,000 homeowners. This is based on touring 19 senior communities and an independent analysis by the National Institute of Fitness Sports. This project should not qualify as a Mulligan. We need to do it right the first time.

Building a Health & Wellness Center isn’t as simple as selecting a site and squeezing all the required elements into that site. Those of you with prefabggenotoru f reqor three cars and a home with a two-car garage and no ability for expanding at a future date understand this challenge. There are a lot of numbers to decipher and make decisions about. But which ones really matter? The right ones create our legacy for current and future homeowners.

Expectations will be high as we build a modern Health & Wellness Center. Program areas and service offerings will be expected to be improved and expanded. Since real needs, strong demands and competition from neighboring communities spotlight how our exercise facility can’t be viewed as an amenity but an eyesore, things needed to change.

Our current facility suffers from cramped space; why would we repeat that deficiency?

Every board member, our management team and homeowners need to understand how our most important decision at this time is the REQUIRED space to operate the facility safely, without homeowners waiting for machines or feeling the need to go off-site and joining other facilities. Adequate SPACE at a minimum of 18,000 square feet will make our Health & Wellness Center a success.

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