A man’s best friend



Bob Kelly

For years, I often made the following statement: “Dogs are okay, especially if they belong to other folks.” My wife Fran had other ideas, but I’d managed to fight her off for 23 years, insisting there’d been a “no pets” clause in our wedding vows.

Then, about four years ago, I had a weak moment, and said I might agree to waive my objections. Fran sprang into action instantly, spoke to an old friend in Ohio whose niece raises Shih Tzu puppies, and began making plane reservations. It was panic time. Hoping to change her mind (fat chance), I warned her I’d have nothing to do with a dog; I wouldn’t feed it, walk it, spend a penny on it, or even acknowledge its existence.

I kept hounding her, but she was like a dog with a bone. She was on a mission and, within a month, was off to Ohio. A week later, I picked her up at the airport and got my first look at the 10-week-old ball of fur she’d brought along. To my astonishment, all my objections and warnings vanished – instantly!

His name’s Rocco, and ten pounds of laughter and joy and fun. He’s primarily Fran’s puppy, but he and I have become buddies as well. I even wrote the following poem about him.

Puppy Love!

His name is Rocco, My, Oh My!

How I love this little guy!

I fought so hard, “No dog,” said I.

That lasted till he caught my eye.

Just seconds, that was all it took.

Now he can read me like a book.

What fun we have, just he and I,

A treasured pet, a special guy.

He has quite a lot to say,

“Let’s take a walk.” “Come on, let’s play.”

“I’ve done my business,” he’ll announce.

“I’d like a treat.” Oh, watch him pounce.

He’ll chew a slipper, steal a shoe,

Those things that puppies love to do.

But, over all, this can’t be missed,

His Momma sits atop the list.

When Fran shows up, he’s all aglow.

He jumps around, puts on a show.

She’s Number One, and that’s okay.

She brought him from so far away.

He’s made our home a special place.

Oh, how we love that little face.

Yes, Rocco is our fair-haired boy,

And fills our lives with so much joy.

Bob Kelly 2016

Sun Lakes, AZ


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