Mark Your Calendar for Tuesday Nights Together (TNT)!

Denny Steele

Be sure to mark your calendar for the return of Tuesday Nights Together (TNT)! Beginning Oct. 5 at 5 p.m. at Sun Lakes United Methodist Church, 9248 E. Riggs Road (just west of the Ed Robson Library). Topics vary from light and entertaining to more serious and informing. Everyone is welcome, admission is free, and reservations are not required!

Oct. 5: Opening Night With Bells & More

Listen to an evening of beautiful music in the Sanctuary as we begin our special 2021 fall session of TNT. Led by Mary Sievert (SLUMC Bell Choir Director), the evening promises to be enjoyable, entertaining, and inspirational. So, mark your calendar and be sure to join us as we celebrate our first night of TNT after the long absence!

Oct. 12: Brighter Than a Thousand Suns

Witness the development of the hydrogen bomb via the first-hand experiences of Dick Vogel (former staff scientist, Los Alamos, N.M.). Join Dick in Lindsay Hall as he shares how a poor kid from Chicago (with a learning disability!) became part of the hydrogen bomb project. There are very few people still alive who have seen a nuclear bomb explosion. Dick is one of them. Come and see what he saw.

Oct. 19: No … Your Brain Has Not Left the Building! It Is Just On Vacation!

Learn the strategies and insights to improving memory at any age (in Lindsay Hall). Bev Tarpley will take you on a journey of several authors who really know how to spice up our brains and keep us “brain-healthy.” “Memory loss is not an inevitable consequence of aging—our brains can fight back!” Dr. Gary Small, author of The Memory Bible.

Oct. 26: How We Retired Early, Built a Yacht, and Lived Aboard It for 10 Years!

Experience what it’s like to sell everything and sail away on the voyage of a lifetime. Join Paul and Claire Smith (in Lindsay Hall) who quit their jobs, sold their stuff, had a boat built, moved aboard it, and became full-time cruisers on the Atlantic Ocean—even though they had never sailed before! Come and partake of their fascinating adventure.