Niners August Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

July and August are gone, but the heat is still here. Keep hydrated, keep cool, and stay safe.

Winners: 8/5/21 Low Net by Tee Palms. White Tee: 1st Paul Feeney, 2nd Bob Clark, 3rd (tie) Bill Pender, Lloyd Schaeffer; Gold Tee: 1st Tom Reale, 2nd (tie) Greg Wells, Jim Wegman; Silver Tee: 1st (tie) Jim Daleo, Larry Swanson, 3rd Mike Stewart; KPs: #4 Mike Osborn, #7 Jim Daleo, Lloyd Schaeffer

8/12/21 Best Balls 3-4-5 Sonoran. 1st Bill Pender, Greg Wells, Jim Daleo, Jim Wegman; 2nd Lloyd Schaeffer, Paul Feeney, Bob Deken, Wayne Aarestad; 3rd Ed Anderson, Jim Campbell, John Gaudioso; KPs: #3 Wayne Aarestad, Tom Reale; #8 Bob Deken, Larry Swanson

8/19/21 Step Aside Scramble Lakes. 1st Ed Anderson, Don Lewis, Bruce Vantine, Jim Wegman; 2nd (3-way tie) Tom Reale, Jordy Primack, Mike Stewart; Jim Janowski, David Mork, Peter Gerdik, Bill Whitely; and Bill Pender, Jim Campbell, Greg Wells, Bill Bartoo; KPs: #2 Bill Pender, Jerry Vickery; #6 Larry Swanson, Ed Anderson

8/26/21 Low Net Palms. Flight 1: 1st (3-way tie) Bob Pender, Lloyd Schaeffer, Jerry Vickery; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Jim Campbell, Larry Swanson, 3rd Mark Bernier; Flight 3 (tie) John Gaudioso, David Mork, 3rd Greg Wells; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Peter Gerdik, Bill McConnell, 3rd (3-way tie) Wayne Aarestad, Jim Janowski, Bruce Vantine; KPs: #4 Jim Campbell, Bill Crump; #7 Larry Swanson, Renny Vowell

Friendly Reminders: The scorecards must be accurate. Prizes are paid based on the scorecards turned in by individuals or teams. The “A” player or captain is responsible for reviewing and certifying the “official” scorecard. There are two cards to ensure accuracy. When compared at the end of the game, they should be the same. Two players must sign the official card. Game managers should not have to guess at the number written in the box. The writing should be clear and legible. Signed and submitted scorecards that are not accurate may be disqualified. Check and double-check those cards.

Sign up and show up. The Niners have had a “No Show, No Call” policy in place for some time. If you sign up and cannot play for any reason, you are required to notify the game manager 12 hours before the start time. The telephone numbers are listed on the sign-up sheet. If your cancellation is late, call the Pro Shop. Penalties for violating this policy: First offense: $5 fine. Fine not paid, the member will not be allowed to play the following week. Second offense: $10 fine. Fine not paid, a two-week suspension of league-playing privileges. Third offense: Player is deemed to be in poor standing and is suspended for one month. Fourth offense: Dismissal from league with rebate of prorated dues and two-year block from league membership.