Matthew’s Crossing: 20% of veterans’ households need help

Ellen Engel

In November, we honored our veterans. Did you know that 20% of households that are supported by food banks have a veteran or someone that has served in the military? In fact, 27 percent of veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have struggled to provide food for their families.

The totals for each of our major organizational donors for the month of November were as follows: Sun Lakes Duplicate Bridge Club, 64 pounds of food and $167.00; Sun Lakes Democratic Club two-month totals are 218 pounds of food and $119.00; Sun Lakes Country Club, 65 pounds of food; Unity of Sun Lakes, 10 pounds of food and $322.00. So far this year, we have collected 3,982.5 pounds of food and $4,229.00. Thank you, Sun Lakes.

This month, Judy Wear Boutique on Riggs Road in Chandler generously donated men’s and women’s slippers. Barbara Kelly sold them at The Unity Church of Sun Lakes, and Matthew’s Crossing benefited $125 from sales. Matthew’s Crossing can convert this to over 1000 pounds of food. Thank you, Judy Wear Boutique, so much for this effort.

The Jewish Community of Sun Lakes had their annual food drive and collected 485 pounds of food. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Matthew’s Crossing.

Membership in local clubs and congregations is not a criterion for contributing. In fact, many individual donors show up at these two club-sponsored pickup points from all over Sun Lakes. The Bridge Club pickup takes place at the Risen Savior Lutheran Church on Alma School Road from 12:30 to 1:20 p.m. on the first Monday of each month, and the Sun Lakes Democratic Club accepts contributions on the second Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Sun Lakes Country Club (SLCC).

For those who cannot make it to the formal pickup locations at specific times, a collection point is also open during normal business hours at the Sun Lakes Country Club.

For further information, to arrange for Sun Lakes organizational support for this very worthwhile program, or to volunteer your own personal services, please contact Ellen Engel at 480-980-6841 or email her at [email protected]

Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank, which is located at 1368 Arizona Avenue in Chandler, also needs volunteers on a regular basis. If this opportunity interests you, please call their volunteer coordinator at 857-2296.