Meet New Friends! Become More Interesting! Earn a College Degree!

Okay, so we lied about that last part. But the previous two are guaranteed if you sign up for classes at New Adventures in Learning, the adult education program serving the Sun Lakes area.

Sponsored by and a part of the Chandler/Gilbert Community College system, New Adventures in Learning offers an amazing variety of classes in a wide band of interests designed specifically for seniors in the Sun Lakes area. This winter offers over 70 classes presented in a state-of-the-art educational facility that most Sun Lakers could drive to in a golf cart. What a deal!

No tests, no written papers, and most classes are one-time presentations—no need to commit for multiple weeks. It’s the way you wish school had been 50 years ago when you were in school.

And what’s the cost? You can take one class for 20 bucks, or you can sign up for all 70 classes for the same fee, 20 bucks. Cheaper than Netflix, going to the movies, or a latte and sweet roll for two at Starbucks.

And you’ll probably learn something, have a chance to meet new people, and expand your social circle beyond golf and bridge. Plus, you get access to a state-of-the-art computer lab, bus passes, student discounts at local businesses, Apple, and a few good deals on student software packages. Unbelievably good deal!

All you need to do is Google “New Adventures in Learning” or drop by the “campus” on the corner of Riggs and Alma School Roads in the corner of the big medical building and across the street from Walgreens and Bashas’.

Or call 480-857-5500, and one of the incredibly friendly staff can help guide you on your way to a more exciting, fun-filled winter here in Sun Lakes.

The bad news? You can’t get a PhD through this program. Sorry.