Meet Your Sun Lakes Ranger Captain!

Captain Ron Burchett

Captain Ron Burchett

Michael Berry

Ron Burchett is the captain of the rapidly-growing Sun Lakes Ranger Company. The Arizona Rangers is comprised of 22 companies with over 400 members throughout the state. The Rangers’ mission is to support law enforcement and youth programs on a statewide basis.

Ron was instrumental in creating the Sun Lakes Company two years ago, and is committed to providing a visible deterrent to crime in our communities, especially considering the reduced MCSO Posse presence here and throughout Maricopa County.

Ron was born in London, England, attended Moorgate College, and worked the last 40 years as an international contractor in the tradeshow industry. He has lived in Nigeria, Egypt, Singapore, New York, California, and is now an Arizonan. He is an avid golfer and target shooter.

If you would like more information about the Arizona Rangers-Sun Lakes Company, contact them at [email protected]