Meet Your Sun Lakes Rangers!

Jeff Wasilenski

Michael Berry

Jeff Wasilenski is one of the newer recruits of the fast-growing Arizona Rangers-Sun Lakes Company. The Sun Lakes Company now has close to 30 members after an initial group of five formed the local company in 2019. A metro Detroit native, Jeff has lived in Arizona the past 10 years. Like many Rangers, Jeff was impressed with the rich and colorful Arizona Ranger history. Jeff is a retired sheriff’s deputy and currently a realtor in Chandler.

Jeff has an associate degree in criminal justice and a lifelong desire to help provide safety and security to the public. Jeff believes that “as a retired sheriff’s deputy and U.S. Marine, I pride myself on honesty, integrity, duty, and honor.” Jeff is married to his high school sweetheart and enjoys camping in his spare time with his wife and three dachshunds.

If you would like more information about the Arizona Rangers-Sun Lakes Company, contact them at [email protected].