Men’s Niners Golf July Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

We are now in the second half of the year, and our modified rules are still in effect. The cups are blocked, bunkers are unraked, and distances between golfers are being maintained on the tees and greens. On the plus side, we are fielding 35 or more members every Thursday, and that is unusual for this time of the year. The grass is adequate in the rough, and we have a pretty good turf base to play from. The grounds crew, under the direction of Superintendent Ross Buckendahl, are keeping the greens smooth and the modified cups well-trimmed.

The Arizona summer has really put some pressure on our golfers. On July 30, we hit an all-time high for the day of 118 degrees. So, hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more.

Winners: 7/2/20 Low Net by Tee Palms. This is the first time this game has been played in the Niners. White Tee Winners: 1st John Schuler; 2nd (tie) Jim Johnson, Tom Bleier; 4th Peter Gerdik; 5th (3-way tie) Bill Pender, Jerry Richards, Gary Nessel; 8th (tie) Mark Nilsen, Bob Pender

Gold Tee Winners: 1st Bruce Henderson; 2nd Bob Deken; 3rd Bill Lacey; 4th (3-way tie) Paul Bopko, Jim Deleo, Renny Vowell; 7th (5-way tie) Lee Boudreaux, John Gaudioso, Jordy Primack, Lloyd Schaeffer, Tom Thibodeau Silver Tee Winners: 1st Bill Whitely; 2nd Mike Stewart; 3rd Jim Theobald; 4th Larry Schuller

7/9/20 Lone Ranger Sonoran. This is the first time this game has been played in the Niners. 1st Jerry Richards, Lynn Thompson, Paul Bopko, Luther Murray; 2nd Lee Boudreaux, Bill Whitely, Bruce Vantine, Mike Stewart; 3rd Jim Janowski, Bob Hiller, Renny Vowell, Peter Gerdik; 4th Bill Pender, Jordy Primack, Bob Deken, Tom Thibodeau; 5th (tie) Bob Pender, Jim Deleo, John Gaudioso, Jim Wegman and Lloyd Schaeffer, Larry Swanson, Gary Nessel

7/16/20 Individual Stableford Lakes: Flight 1: 1st Lloyd Schaeffer; 2nd (tie) Merv Hedding, Bob Pender; 4th Bill Pender; Flight 2: 1st Jim Campbell; 2nd Jonathan Russell; 3rd (tie) Jerry Richards, Bill Whitely; 5th John Rolfe; 6th Larry Swanson; Flight 3: 1st Tom Bleier; 2nd David Mork; 3rd John Schuller; 4th Jim Deleo; 5th John Gaudioso; 6th Jim Theobald; Flight 4: 1st Gary Nessel; 2nd Murray Luther; 3rd Tom Thibodeau; 4th Jim Johnson; 5th Roger Rusche; 6th Bruce Vantine

7/23/20 Team Stableford Palms. This is the first time this game has been played in the Niners. Team 1: Jim Campbell, Jim Wegman, Dennis Clark, Pete Gerdik; Team 2: Bill Pender, Tom Bleier, Tom Thibodeau; Team 3: Jerry Vickery, Renny Vowell, Jim Deleo, Jim Theobald; Team 4: Jim Janowski, David Mork, Roger Rusche, Bruce Vantine; Team 5: John Rolfe, Bruce Henderson, Joe Lombardo

7/30/20 Cha Cha Cha Sonoran: 1st (tie) Lloyd Schaeffer, Paul Bopko, Bruce Vantine, Jim Wegman and Jerry Vickery, Lee Boudreaux, Dennis Clark, John Gaudioso; 3rd (tie) Jonathan Russell, Mike Stewart, Merv Hedding and Jim Janowski, Bob Pender, Roger Rusche, John Schuler; 5th (tie) Jerry Richards, Larry Schuller, Bob Deken, Jim Campbell and Bill Pender, Tom Bleier, Tom Thibodeau, Bill Whitely