Sun Lakes Lions Club Fly the Flag Program

Nancy Meiner

After weeks of removing and replacing over 400 weathered and tattered flags, the Sun Lakes Lions Club, who originated the “Fly the Flag” program in 2003, will once again fill the skies of our Sun Lakes community with the stars and stripes of the American flag.

On Labor Day, we pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of the American worker. Patriot Day, also known as 9-11, is a day of remembrance in honor of those who were injured or died during the 2001 terrorist attack on U.S. soil. We hope the flags will fill each of you with a renewed sense of patriotism and gratitude for our freedom.

As we have done since April, we will continue to Fly the Flag at the main entrances to all five communities in Sun Lakes. This is our gift to you and our show of support for our country.

If you would like to join the nearly 1,700 subscribers in our Fly the Flag program, or if you would like to volunteer to help, please call 480-352-8076.

Fly the Flag brochures are also available at all clubhouses.

Stay safe and God bless America!