Men’s Niner’s July results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

We are in the deepest part of the Arizona summer; don’t forget to hydrate the day before, the day you play and the day after, to keep the fluid level in your system at a safe level.

Check the water level in your car and golf cart batteries before you start to charge them up. Overheating in a battery can happen if the cells are dry, leading to major damage to the battery and the cart.

Check the SITL for updates on the Ironwood Golf Course renovation project and look for Eddy Renio’s informative column, “The Golf Connection.” Keep current by picking up a copy of the monthly course schedule at the Pro Shop or check it out on the IronOaks website.


7/07. Skins Sonoran – Team 1: Ron Betti, Team 2: Mike Osborn, Team 3: Marvin Carmickle, Team 4: Jack Cook and Bill Whitely, Team 5: Joe Lombardo, Team 6: Paul Bopko and Bob Deken, Team 7: Bill Bartoo, Bob Melhuish, Larry Stadler and Mike Stewart, Team 8: Rich Funk and Joe Sigillo; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Joe Lombardo, No. 8 Marvin Carmickle

7/14. Two Best Net Balls Lakes – 1st Bob Hiller, Patrick O’Connell, Mike Stegina and Renny Vowell, 2nd Ed Anderson, Jerry Richards and Jim Janowski; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Mike Stewart, No. 6 Jack Cook

7/22. Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Palms – 1st Bruce Mc Corkle, Pat O’Connell, Dave Peters and Bill Bartoo, 2nd Mike Goodyear, Bob Deken, David Mork and Renny Vowell; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 7 Bruce Mc Corkle

7/29. Fewest Putts Sonoran – Flight A: Jim Wegman, Mike Osborn, (tie) Pat O’Connell and Dave Mork; Flight B: Joe Lombardo, Mike Stewart and Jim Janowski, (tie) Doug Baker, Bob Deken, Mike Stegina and Jordy Primack; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 David Mork, No. 8 Jerry Vickery

We are glad to welcome Niner Dave Bauer back to the fairways. It is always good to see you out there, Dave. Former Niner Jim Broich will soon be back on the fairways fit as a fiddle and ready to tee it up. 2016 has been a tough year for our members, with one medical problem or another. As they return to play, take a minute to welcome them back.

A few words about safety and etiquette on the golf course: Do not hit into the group in front of you. This is always an important item, and, when ignored, can lead to very dangerous results. You cannot explain away the practice of hitting a golf ball into the group in front of you by blaming slow play. Do not do it.

Silence is Golden, an oft repeated phrase that could be interpreted as do not talk when a fellow golfer is on the tee box. Do not stop near a golfer preparing to hit his ball and talk or use a cell phone. The courtesy extended by one golfer to another during the round is almost as old as the game itself. The tradition and play of golf, calls for the players to observe these simple courtesies.