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Sun Lakes Fire District places new ambulance in service.

Sun Lakes Fire District places new ambulance in service.

Brian Curry

As part of their continuing dedication to provide the finest in emergency medical services to the residents of the Sun Lakes fire district a new 2016 Ford-Horton ambulance was recently put into service.

“In addition to all the medical devices expected in any advanced life services ambulance, this ambulance has the latest in safety features for both the patient and crew,” said Chris Barden the EMS Coordinator for Sun Lakes.

Chief Troy Maloney emphasized that part of that safety package includes a “crash configuration” which is new to ambulances. “The most highlighted part of that package is the placement of airbags in the patient transport compartment area where the paramedics and EMT’s also work,” Maloney said.

EMS Coordinator Barden also pointed out that like previous Sun Lakes ambulances they will have a “kneeling” feature where the back of the ambulance lowers itself to make taking the stretcher out or in easier and to allow the crew and family members easier access to the patient compartment. The kneeling feature in the new ambulance will now be in a liquid suspension mode, which is also updated technology.

SLFD Deputy Chief Rob Helie discussed the cost saving aspects of the new purchase. “The best feature of this ambulance is upon the completion of its road worthiness the entire ‘box’ part (the patient and crew compartment) can be lifted off the chassis and placed on a new one at a considerable cost savings to district taxpayers.”

“Our paramedics and EMT’s do a great job in our community. This ambulance helps them do their job a little better and safer with things like 2,000 pounds of onboard oxygen and on board suction they have the best tools available to help our residents,” Chief Maloney said.