Men’s Niners Results, February 2022

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The Club Championship Tournament began on Feb. 3.

Winners: 02/03/22 Low Net Lakes. Flight 1: 1st Tom Reale, 2nd (tie 4) Bill Pender, Jerry Richards, Lloyd Schaeffer, Erich Tiepel; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Jim Campbell, Bill Flinn, 3rd Jordy Primack; Flight 3: 1st Renny Vowell, 2nd Bill Slattery, 3rd Jim Wegmank; Flight 4: 1st Ray Greenbush, 2nd Bruce Vantine, 3rd Jim Theobald;KPs #2 Jim Campbell, Lloyd Schaeffer; #6 Jim Theobald

Congratulations to Jim Theobald for his Ace on #6. Well done, Jim!

2/10/22 Low Net by Tee Palms. White Tee: 1st Jim Campbell, 2nd (tie) Paul Feeney, Jerry Richards; Gold Tee: 1st Bill McConnell, 2nd Bob Melhuish, 3rd Lloyd Schaeffer; Silver Tee: 1st Len Dolins, 2nd (tie) Dave Moncrieff, Jordy Primack; KPs #4 John Schuler, Bill Pender; #7 Ed Anderson, Jerry Vickery

2/17/22 Skins Sonoran. Winners by teams: (1) Bill Pender, Lloyd Schaeffer; (2) Mark Bernier, Bob Clark; (3) Terry Simmons, Jim Campbell; (4) Joe D’Amore, Paul Feeney, Lou Blas; (5) Ernie Papacek, Larry Swanson, Bill Flinn; (6) Rich Gihring, Mac Hall, Jack Bauer; (7) Jim Janowski, Bill Lacey; (8) Dick Negaard, Larry Munson; (9) Gaylord Lind, Jordy Primack, Bob Deken; (10) Greg Wells, Dennis Martin, Pete Stein; (11) Dave Moncrieff, Carl Burnham Jr.; (12) Renny Vowell, Larry Schuller; (13) Bill Crump, Jim Daleo; (14) Jim Johnson, Garry Russell, Norm Noble; (15) Bruce Vantine, Murray Luther, Dennis Clark; (16) Ray Greenbush, Jim Theobald, Bob Melhuish; (17) Tom Thibodeau, Bill Bartoo, Larry Hanken; KPs #3 Joe D’Amore, Jim Daleo; #8 Carl Burnham Jr., Larry Swanson

2/24/22 Low Gross Lakes. Flight 1: 1st (tie) Bob Clark, Larry Swanson, 3rd Terry Simmons; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Larry Munson, Bill Stoutenberg, 3rd (tie) Rich Gihring, Jordy Primack; Flight 3: 1st Dennis Martin, 2nd (tie) Jim Newman, Larry Schuller; Flight 4: 1st Ray Greenbush, 2nd Bill McConnell, 3rd (tie 3) Peter Gerdik, Jim Johnson, Bruce Vantine; KPs #2 Bob Clark, Jordy Primack; #6 Jim Johnson, Lloyd Schaeffer

On Feb. 23 the Niners held their annual Awards Luncheon for members and guests. Teaching pro Kevin Maragume was our guest speaker. The highlight of the luncheon was a great raffle made possible by the hard work of John Gaudioso who provided a wealth of gifts to be raffled off. Bob Pender’s PowerPoint presentation and the great work of Bill and Frank Pender and Bruce Henderson made the luncheon a great success.