Men’s Niners September Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

No doubt about it, summer is leaving Sun Lakes. The temperatures are moderating, the mornings and evenings are cooler, and the days are shorter. We are also entering the overseed period for our golf courses. And speaking of our courses, we can all help make them a better golf experience. I am referring to those pesky divots. When you find your well-struck ball deep in an unrepaired divot, it means a golfer did not take the time to make that simple repair. That is not fair. It takes about 10 seconds to fill and tamp a divot. Be a good steward of the courses. Repair the divot and see if there are a couple nearby that need repair as well. Remember, the divot that goes unrepaired today may catch your ball tomorrow.

Winners: 9/3/20 Best Balls One Gross One Net Sonoran. 1st (tie) Ed Anderson, Jim Johnson, Bill Pender; Lloyd Schaeffer, Tom Thibodeau, Renny Vowell, Bill Whitely; 3rd (tie) Paul Bobko, Bob Pender, Roger Rusche; Jim Campbell, Tom Bleier, Paul Feeney, Bill McConnell; 5th Lee Boudreaux, Larry Schuller, Bruce Henderson; 6th Bob Deken, Merv Hedding, Jordy Primack Bill Bartoo

9/10/20 Best Balls Par 3-4-5. 1st Jerry Richards, Paul Feeney, John Schuler, Bruce Vantine; 2nd John Rolfe, Bill Whitely, John Gaudioso; 3rd Bill Pender, Tom Bleier, Bill Bartoo; 4th Mark Nilsen, Jim Campbell, Jim Johnson, Peter Gerdik; 5th (tie) Lloyd Schaeffer, Jim Janowski, Larry Hanken, Bruce Henderson; Bob Pender, David Mork, Bill McConnell; 7th Paul Bobko, Lee Boudreaux, Larry Schuller, Renny Vowell

9/17/20 Cha Cha Cha Lakes. 1st John Rolfe, Peter Gerdik, Renny Vowell, Bruce Henderson; 2nd Mark Nilsen, David Mork, Paul Bopko, Jim Johnson; 3rd Jerry Vickery, Michael Macek, Jim Deleo, Bob Deken; 4th Ed Anderson, Paul Feeney, Jim Wegman, Bill Bartoo; 5th Ron Betti, Pete Stein, Murray Luther; 6th Jim Campbell, Larry Schuller, Jordy Primack, Bruce Vantine

9/24/20 Lone Ranger Palms. 1st Ed Anderson, Jim Johnson, Jim Campbell, Bruce Henderson; 2nd (tie) Bob Pender, Jim Janowski, Larry Hanken, Jim Wegman and Paul Feeney, Renny Vowell, Bill Bartoo, Merv Hedding; 4th (tie) Ron Betti, Tom Bleier, Peter Gerdik, Bruce Vantine and Jerry Richards, David Mork, John Schuller, Jim Deleo

Upcoming Tournaments: The annual Gross Tournament is coming. If you have already paid your $ 20 buy-in fee, you are on the list. If you want to buy in, let a board member know. The tournament will have five flights, and current dates are Dec. 3, Dec. 10, and Dec 17. The first day handicaps will be used for all three tournament days. An alternate is Dec. 24 if needed. You must play two out of the three dates. Regular chit pay-outs for winners each play day as usual.

The Niners League Championship will be a net tournament of five flights. Scheduled dates are Jan. 14, Jan 21, and Jan 28. There is no fee, as all members are automatically entered. You are required to play all three dates to qualify for the Championship. Regular chit pay-outs for winners each play day as usual.