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Jim Tate, Tim Billman, Rodger Brandt, Jim Ray

Home and Home with Sun Lakes: MOGA (Men’s Oakwood Golf Association) members Jim Ray and Rodger Brandt joined forces with Jim Tate and Tim Billman to narrowly win the MOGA/Sun Lakes Home and Home Tournament by one stroke. Congratulations!

First-Place Winners in Their Flight:

* Jan. 5, Oakwood Shootout: The Oakwood Shootout is a yearlong series in which the flight winners will qualify for the Shootout Championship in December. These players have qualified: Mike Hendricks, Keith Landry, Dan Muth, Bob Royer, Kurt Schnabel, Dan Schuurmans, Fred Smith, Thomas Zosel.

* Dec. 29, ABCD Mixed: Mike Buhrt, John Hoffman, Dennis Schepp, Dan Schuurmans, Lloyd Entringer, Don Milberger, Bruce Pape, Brady Serold

* Dec. 22, Match Play by Flight: Since half of the players won, listing all the names would exceed our word limit. Please look up the results on

* Dec. 15, ABCD Best Gross + Best Net: Rex Bunkley, LeRoy Hall, Joe Reitano, Barry Schwartz, Dale Bassi, Bill Schauermann, Ronald Wagener

Coming Soon:

* Club Championship: March 3, 23, and 30

For more information, go to

Tee Time Change: Tee times will be at 8 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. starting in February and for the rest of the year.

Pairing Changes: Mark Nilsen, tournament director, is changing the way pairings are assigned in order to give everyone the opportunity to meet and play with a greater variety of people.

Flight Elimination: In a team multiple flight tournament, have you ever been frustrated when you see the results and realize that had you been in a different flight, you would have won first place instead of second or third? Most of us have. Mark Nilsen has resolved this potential “unfairness” by eliminating all additional flights. There will be only one flight for team events! Great news! Individual events will continue to be flighted.

Add/Cancel: The MOGA add/cancel phone line is 480-317-3650, Ext. 1.

Tee Assignments: Getting on a high percentage of greens in regulation is a great way to enjoy a round of golf. And that’s the objective, isn’t it—to have fun. We encourage members to hit from a tee that allows them to realistically have a good chance to be on the green in regulation, then two putt for a par. You can change your tee box selection once per year, so please don’t hesitate to make the change if it will increase your enjoyment of the game.

Ken Gaylord, Treasurer: MOGA’s 2023 goal is to be revenue neutral. Whatever MOGA earns, MOGA gives back to the members via weekly prizes, free beer, additional tournament support, MOGA shirts, the holiday party, etc.

Join MOGA: MOGA has events every Thursday for players of every level. Join today and meet some new friends. See the MOGA website,