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Steve Engler and First Tee volunteers

First Tee

Thanks to the generous support from IronOaks golfers, First Tee collected 40 sets of clubs, 1,000 balls, and 20 pairs of shoes!

MOGA supports the efforts of First Tee, whose goal is to empower kids and teens through the game of golf by creating active learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience that kids can carry to everything they do. We appreciate Steve Engler organizing this event.

Presidents Cup

As of this writing, the Presidents Cup match play is well underway and has been whittled down to 16 players: Dave Zupancic vs. Kirwan Flannery, Dennis Schepp vs. Kurt Sass, Rex Bunkley vs. Garry Loncon, Dan Kiska vs. Don Milberger, Chris Beaty vs. Chris Kempley, Dale Redger vs. Lloyd Entringer, Terry Proctor vs. Jeff Cohen, and Russ Rupiper vs. John Skoworn. Congratulations to those who have made it this far!

Fred Smith, Webmaster and Data Wizard

In the 3908 postable rounds played in MOGA in 2023, there were 29 eagles, 2,615 birdies, 23,685 pars, 28,400 bogies, 11,471 doubles, and 3,218 triples. Not surprisingly, Sonoran 6 had the most eagles with eight, followed closely by Sonoran 5 with seven. What may be surprising is that Lakes 7 tied with Sonoran 7 for the bronze medal with three eagles each.

The only person to score more than one eagle in 2023 was Dan Strandberg with two: Lakes 7 and Sonoran 9.

First-Place Winners in Their Flight:

03/07: Oakwood Shootout: Mitch Filiere, Dan Muth, Kirwan Flannery, Pat Wilson, Bob Olson, Dan Bly, Dale Goodwin, Morty Klein, Bill Schauermann

03/02: Palo Verde Home and Home: Ron Dodd, Dan Strafalace, Randy Moe, Lee Smith

03/01: Team Best 2 Net: Bob Barnett, Gail Gubbels, Ron Marshall, Joe Reitano

02/22: Individual Low Net: Michael Niccum, Dan Kiska, Gordon Burns, John Benoit, Steve Day, Larry Gagnon

Coming Soon

04/04: Oakwood Shootout

04/18: Member/Guest

05/02: Oakwood Shootout

11/7, 11/14, and 11/21: Club Championship

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