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John Kolb

John Kolb

Bob Greene, Publicity

We are pleased to report another MOGA member recorded his third hole in one. It happened to John Kolb on the third hole of the Sonoran on Thursday, November 12. He was playing with Pat Scinto and Dennis Schepp. They lost sight of the shot but knew it was headed for the green. When they reached the green they looked all around for John’s ball but couldn’t find it. Pat just happened to look in the cup and there it was. John was not hesitant to say that, “It was sheer luck but it sure makes you happy.” It’s his third hole in one in three years, two at Ironwood and one at Oakwood. John has been playing two or three times a week since college.

John and his wife Becky have lived in Sun Lakes for seven years, play golf together in the Couples Group, and just finished a year as President/Vice President of the group. Congratulations John!

The first annual IronOaks Ryder Cup was held on November 17 at Ironwood and November 19 at Oakwood. The final score was Oakwood 39.5 and Ironwood 16.5. Both teams said the event was a real pleasure and look forward to the 2016 Ryder Cup.

The annual Home and Home between Sun Lakes and Oakwood was played on December 3 at Oakwood and December 10 at Sun Lakes. The winning team was composed of Ken Marshall and Jerome Schultz from Sun Lakes and Myron Urban and Gene Savage from Oakwood. The nearest competitors were five strokes away.

The annual MOGA Member-Member Tournament will be held January 21 at 10:00 a.m. (no afternoon play). Applications are available in the Pro Shop.

The MOGA President’s Cup is scheduled for February 4, 6 and 11. Note, this is a Thursday, Saturday, Thursday event.

The MOGA website has been changed to Note, it is no longer “.com”.