MOGA wins Home & Home

CMGA President, Rick Nelson, left, passes Home and Home trophy to Howard Weiss, MOGA President.

CMGA President, Rick Nelson, left, passes Home and Home trophy to Howard Weiss, MOGA President.

Charley Akin

The Oakwood and Cottonwood men’s golf associations, MOGA and CMGA, competed in their annual Home and Home tournament on April 3 at Oakwood and April 5 at Cottonwood; 32 four-man teams consisted of two MOGA and two CMGA members each and the games were designed to produce team winners in four flights and an overall club winner. MOGA won the club competition and claimed the trophy by a score of 101.5 to 91.5.

Team winners were Phil Carlson, Cliff Mattson, Don Noble and Bob Royer in Flight 1, Brad Reis, William Greer, Doug Braun and Blair Poitras in Flight 2, Roger Hargus, Arny Pinsly, Dan Rheinauer and Dave Connolly in Flight 3 and Jim Holmes, Ralph Annen, Tom Kiste and Harry Pritchard in Flight 4.

MOGA’s game of the day on April 3 was a Step Aside Scramble won by Jerry Petersen, Timothy Grimm, Larry Mears and Jerry Letnes in Flight 1 and Jerry Zuehlke, Frank Pattie, Rex Bunkley and Milt Sharpe in Flight 2.

An April 10 competition in a Cha Cha Cha game resulted in morning Flight 1 being won by Leroy Hall, Barry Schwartz, Pat Scinto and Frank Sokasits, Flight 2 by Buster Laughlin, Don Brunner and Nunzio Cusumano and Flight 3 by Tom Courtney, Chuck Sloan, Donald Niziolek and Milt Sharpe. Afternoon winners were Joseph Ferrazza, Chuck Ewan, Mario Del Col and Jim Poole in Flight 1 with Paul Dinardo, Joseph D’Amore and Roger Jones winning Flight 2.

Members chose a fellow member to form two-man teams in the April 17 Member/Member event. Richard Lockhart and Don Bell were winners of Flight 1, Howard Dielmann and Robert Schneider won Flight 2, Bob Johnston and Timothy Grimm won Flight 3 and Howard Weiss and Billy Walberg won Flight 4.

The April 24 event matched four-man teams in a 1-Net/1-Gross game. Morning winners were Leroy Hall, Jack Sanders, Pat Scinto and Michael Petriello in Flight 1, Rich Pavlak, Phil Lane, Charlie Tourville and Jim Flanagan in Flight 2 and Don Bell, Rod Richmond, Neal Skinner and Robert Greene in Flight 3. In the afternoon, Phil Dantzscher, Bob Johnston, Dick Winkelman and Bill Schauermann won Flight 1.

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