Move your chi to enhance longevity


Kim Kubsch

What is Chi and why do you need to MOVE it? Chi is the life force or energy that moves your circulation, warms your body and supplies your organs with oxygen rich blood.

Moving your chi circulates more oxygen to the tissues and nourishes the joints, making you feel more vibrant and energized. Continual sitting can create stagnation or blockage of the body’s chi. We practice the “moving meditation” of Tai Chi with slow, deep breathing and continually-flowing movements to keep the chi moving freely, balancing and harmonizing the body’s yin and yang energy.

Other benefits of Tai Chi can include normalizing and stabilizing blood pressure, help prevent cardiovascular disease, aiding lymphatic circulation. All ages and abilities, whether standing or sitting, find that Tai Chi improves coordination throughout the body and promotes increased muscle fiber tone.

Drop in to a class to keep moving with Tai Chi-Qigong with Kim Kubsch: Thursdays, 10:45-11:45 a.m. in the Sun Lakes Country Club Mirror Room. Drop in anytime for $5 per class – everyone is welcome! Wear comfortable shoes or go barefoot, and note that all classes are scent-free.

Join us to recharge your battery, enjoy more energy, sleep better and think clearer! Moving your Chi is fun, and it is powerful medicine and keeps life in balance.

Kim Kubsch is a Certified Practitioner of the American Tai Chi-Qigong Association and a Practitioner of the National Qigong Association. She is certified to teach Chair Chi and PWR Moves for Parkinson’s. Kim teaches easy and gentle Tai Chi to enhance overall health, increase flexibility, improve balance and coordination and reduce stress while building bone strength. As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator and Balance Coach, she is passionate about “active aging for all ages and abilities.” For more information about classes throughout the southeast valley and Kim’s DVDs, visit, email [email protected] or call 480-392-3436.