Musical for Young and Old on Tap

Actor and actress in tuxedos open theater curtain

The Sun Lakes Community Theatre (SLCT) Board of Directors recently approved a joint project between SLCT and the students of Chandler High School (CHS). A musical production (as yet unknown) will be directed by CHS’s drama director Stephanie Likes and will be performed at the Chandler Center for the Arts. The cast will include members of both SLCT and the high school Performing Arts students. The tentative date for the show is in October of 2023.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for both SLCT and the students,” said the organization’s education liaison Roger Edmonds. “They will get to work with more seasoned performers, and we will get to experience their young drive and energy. It’s a win-win!” The members of the board were very supportive of the initiative when it was brought to the June meeting. Ms. Likes was in attendance, and her experience and resume were quite impressive.