NAIL: Adventures in Learning Start Here!

Nydia Montijo describes little-known causes of falls and injury at home and in vehicles during her class, Gravity … Don’t Let it Win.

Jan Bobbett and Mary Kenny

Adventures are fun to anticipate. And that’s what New Adventures (NA) in Learning is all about. For example, earlier this summer, we were anticipating learning how scientists came to develop vaccines for current and previous pandemics. Bobbie Reed’s class did not disappoint!

Not all adventures make your heart beat faster, but the classes you choose are developed to satisfy you by providing answers, making you safer or more skillful, or opening new doors to interest you. Maybe you heard about our June summer classes on Antifa (Bill Gates), using “Gmail—Beginner to Pro (Robert Truman), or one of several airpower classes this summer, including topics such as Titan II, Boeing B-17, and MiG-21 (James Evans).

And there are more to choose from. The summer session ends in late July, so let’s take a look at four of the classes yet to start.

1. We’ve all heard of reverse mortgages, but do you understand how they work in 2021? You might want to try “Understanding Reverse Mortgages” (Scott Sandell).

2. We like our discussion groups, so consider one or both of our Book Club offerings:

* Bill Haskell’s “Roundtable: Continuing Book Club B.” For this July, the club selected Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer.

* In Pat Sohler’s roundtable, the group will discuss Francisco Cantu’s memoir A Line Becomes a River.

3. Mary Kenny is offering a second summer walking tour that will occur early in the “cool” morning. It’s at one of our favorite local parks, the Veterans Oasis.

4. And this July, we focus our monthly spotlight on one of the classes by Nydia Montijo. She calls it “Gravity … Don’t Let it Win.” In it, she teases out all of the shocking, little-known causes of falls and injury in your own home and vehicle. She will take us on a virtual tour, going room by room throughout a typical residence, identifying risk factors and easy, practical fixes to make your home safe.

We will be presenting our classes online by Zoom, except for Mary Kenny’s walking tour of the park. If you’re new to Zoom, you can count on help from NA volunteers.

If you are not currently a member of New Adventures, you must first become a Chandler Gilbert Community College college student. There are two ways to do this:

1. The preferred way is to email [email protected] and request a New Adventures student application form.

2. The alternate way is to call 480-857-5500 and leave a message with your name, phone number, and email address and request a New Adventures student application form. The form will be emailed to you to begin the process.

Either way, you will have the support you need to become a member and register for classes.

New Adventures in Learning is a program for Arizonans at or near retirement age who wish to keep learning and discovering—without having to worry about homework, tests, or grades. It’s learning for learning’s sake!