Neighbors Who Care Announces New Client Program: Emergency Financial Assistance

When a life-threatening crisis strikes Neighbors Who Care (NWC) clients, our new fund can help.

When the mercury hits 114 degrees or higher in Arizona, air conditioning is no longer a comfort—it’s a critical, life-saving tool. If the reason is a financial shortfall, preventing payment of a utility or repair of an air conditioning unit, especially for vulnerable senior citizens, Neighbors Who Care now has one more tool in its toolbox to help our senior clients get the help they need to remain safe.

This past fall, the Neighbors Who Care Board of Directors passed the addition of a new program to help our senior clients. With assistance from NWC donors to launch the new program, NWC Emergency Assistance Program was born. The program was established to provide short-term, full or partial financial assistance for urgent needs related to rent, home safety matters, and utilities.

The board and Sheryl Keeme, executive director, researched other similar funds to help round out the policy for accepting requests and vetting them. Naturally, funds are limited, and some restrictions are in place to assure only emergency situations will be considered. The fund is not meant to address ongoing needs and expenses. A fund vetting committee has been established consisting of: 1) board member, 2) NWC care manager, and a 3) donor/volunteer. The process is meant to be nimble so that any crisis can be solved in a quick, timely way, since the problem being solved is “emergency” in nature. Other partner social service funds may also be tapped when a need arises.

When completing the application, applicants must be prepared to supply needed contact information and documents with need.

Emergency Fund Guidelines for All Applicants:

• Applicants must be NWC clients,

• Applicants must provide documentation of the need (a quote or unpaid bill), and

• Applicants must be able to supply authorization for the program coordinator to communicate directly with the party to whom the money is owed.

Please note: This is a one-time-use program. Those who experience ongoing financial insecurity must not consider this fund for future difficulties. Individuals who have previously received help with rent, utilities, and/or repairs through this program may not receive help a second time.

Disclaimer: NWC EFH does not provide assistance with mortgage payments.

To learn more, call NWC at 480-895-7133, Ext. 170.