Neighbors Who Care, Inc.

Thanks to Jim Wood and Fry’s for making Helen’s 95th birthday so special!

Thanks to Jim Wood and Fry’s for making Helen’s 95th birthday so special!

95th Birthday Bash!

Eric Ehst, Executive Director

The name of our organization, Neighbors Who Care, is not an accident. It personifies the motivations of our volunteers and is reflected in everything they do.

In September one of our long-term clients celebrated her 95th birthday. Helen, who no longer is able to drive, lives alone and depends on NWC volunteers to help her get groceries and get to medical appointments. On almost every Friday she can be found riding the NWC van to Fry’s for her weekly shopping. But it’s more than that; she and the other Friday regulars have become friends. This is also her social time, her chance to get out of the house, meet her friends, and have a little fun.

One of our volunteers, Jim Wood, who regularly drives the NWC shopping van on Fridays, found out about her birthday. For her next van ride he secretly arranged with Fry’s and the other riders to hold a special birthday party. Fry’s generously donated a birthday cake and all of the accessories, along with seating at a table at the front of the store. As you can see in the picture, a good time was had by all. If you look closely, in the background you can see the blurred image of another of our volunteers (in her NWC shirt) whizzing by, hurrying to get to our office for her afternoon shift answering the phones.

This is why we do what we do. Life isn’t just about groceries and doctor visits. Living independently means more than just lonely subsistence. We have made it part of our mission help our homebound clients fulfill their social and spiritual needs as well. We all deserve to have friends, to feel like a part of society, and to have something to live for.

Come and help us. The world is full of Helens, great fun-loving people who need just a little help from their neighbors to not only meet their daily physical needs, but to maintain their sense of joy and their connection to the world.

If you, or someone you know, have a little extra time to spare, we could really use your help. Volunteering is easy. We have a wide variety of jobs to fit almost anyone’s talents and interests. Better yet we have flexible hours and no minimum time commitment. You are free to work as much or as little as you want and you can turn down any request. The best part is the joy and satisfaction you get from knowing you are making life better for your neighbors. Once you receive the heartfelt thanks of someone you have helped and see the look of gratitude on their face you’ll be hooked.

If you have a little time (and a lot of heart) and would like to experience the deep personal satisfaction that comes from volunteering to assist your neighbors, contact us at 480-895-7133;