New beginner class of line dancing starts November 12

Just a few of us who continued to Line Dance in spite of the heat. And, yes, we all had fun!

Linda Heavin

Welcome back to all of you who were away this past summer.

Beginning November 12, 2018, and continuing through April, 2019, Janet Wallace will again offer her new beginner class of line dancing. You will learn steps and one or two dances. It is a great course for people who have never line danced or for those of you looking to refresh your memory. Following this one-hour class will be the beginner class. We will learn several dances, and some will even be challenging. The beginner class will be followed by the high beginner/low intermediate class for the experienced dancer, including syncopation and more.

All classes are held in the Dance Studio on the courtyard at the Cottonwood Country Club. New beginner is at 11:00 a.m., Beginner at noon and high beginner/low intermediate at 1:00 p.m. The cost is $6.00 inclusive, whether you participate in one class or join all three. For questions or to sign up in advance for classes, email either Janet Wallace at [email protected] or Janet’s “office slave” Linda Heavin at [email protected]

Come join the fun!