New Offerings from Cottonwood Tennis Club

One of the new programs is a class called Doubles Strategy. A few students met for the first time. Shown are Tammy Knight, Bonnie DeGrenier, Jill Benedict, Carol Trentadue, instructor Barb Jorgensen, and Angie Dodge.

Penny Petersen

The board of Cottonwood Tennis Club (CTC) recently approved a new category of membership, “Social Membership.” Designed for spouses and relatives of players, the $30 membership fee entitles members to attend events, join in our breakfast/lunches, and volunteer to help with other needs of the club, as well as enjoying the camaraderie. The two things social members can’t do are play tennis and vote in elections.

Don’t forget that CTC sponsors a free Tennis Clinic every Monday night at 7 p.m. (6 p.m. during winter months). It is open to anyone who wants to learn the game; no need to be a member. Also, on Thursday evenings there’s “drop-in” tennis which is open to anyone at any level. Membership is not required.

Another new feature is the Friday afternoon Mixed Doubles for members of the club who are ranked in the Red and Green categories. Friday mornings have been Doubles for Blue and Silver players for a long time.

Barb Jorgensen has generously offered to conduct a class on Wednesday from 1 to 2 p.m. on Doubles Strategy. If enough people attend, it will become a regular feature for the club. Right now, it is designed for Blue and Silver players.

Recycling programs have become part of our lives. Several members thought it was a good idea to create one for the Tennis Club. It’s in a pilot program right now. Things that can be recycled are plastic water bottles (with the lids on) and empty ball canisters without lids. The recycle bin will only appear during regular playing time and tournaments. The recycling is only for tennis events. Please do not bring recyclables from home.

The Rainbow Tournament was colorful on the first day and got rained out the second day. There were many interesting matches on day one.

For information regarding membership in Cottonwood Tennis Club, contact Susan Hood at [email protected].