New Year, New You

Kathleen Ismael, Reflexologist, IronOaks Fitness

It is a new year and a time to think about a fresh start. A time to reflect on the past lessons of life and move forward this year with a little more wisdom under your belt, to something new or maybe just something better than before.

Whatever the circumstances, moving forward is a good thing. As we know, there is no standing still. We are either moving forward or backward! And the good news is, we get to choose!

Sometimes we may feel as if we don’t have choices, and sometimes our circumstance can make us feel that way, but we always have a choice about our thoughts, convictions, and attitude.

A positive attitude is not only joyful, but also healing and attractive. Have you ever thought about the people that you like to be around? Who are they? Stop a moment and think of the name of someone you know or have met that makes you feel happy. What is it about them that feels good? Is it their smile, sincerity, their caring words, or maybe just their positive attitude? These are the things that move us forward.

And good vibrations are catching! Just try the mirror test. Do it with a friend or by yourself in a mirror.

Look at them (or at yourself in a mirror) straight in the eye and make the biggest fake grin that you can manufacture! See how long it takes before that smile becomes genuine and you are laughing at yourself. It may take more than once or even several times if you are prone to a curmudgeon attitude (which can also be catching!). I know it sounds crazy, but it proves that we tend to “mirror” each other. And it shows that we can change our attitude by changing our physical appearance, like a smile, even a manufactured one. Throw some smiles around! Just see what happens.

And choose wisely the attitude that you want in your daily activities, and surround yourself with people who have a “moving forward” attitude. Catch the wave, if you get my drift!

Have a Happy, Healthy New Year! You get to choose.