News from Cheers Singles Club

Ann Kisner

If you are single, come visit our club. Our weekly social hour is held every Thursday in the Bradford Room at Oakwood Country Club. This is a great time to meet people and make new friends. You will not be a stranger, as most everyone has come to Arizona from somewhere else. Come visit. You won’t regret it.

Fall is here and, thankfully, we all survived the summer heat. Was that fun? Now the snowbirds are slowly returning. They will be surprised to see how many of us are here and how many of you are new. The new members have jumped right in and volunteered to be part of all of our activities. Thanks. Way to go!

Wine tasting is as popular as always. It is usually fully booked and has a waiting list. The number of members will vary from 25 to maybe 30. The number is determined by the host or hostess, depending on how many they can accommodate. The cost is $5 and your favorite hors d’oeuvre to share.

Dining Out was enjoyed by those who were here during summer months. July was at Abuelo’s, August was at 49 Social Tavern, and September was at Singing Pandas. This is a fun place for members who have never been there before. They have a very entertaining show during dinner. We would like to thank Lou Macca and Tom Thomas for hosting Dining Out. Lou hosted Singing Pandas, and Tom hosted 49 Social Tavern. Lou and Tom are new members. Great job, guys!

Sally and Sue are busy collecting your contributions and buying what is needed with your financial donations for Hamilton High School families. You can bring them to the socials or take them to Sally’s house. Her address is 9322 E. Crystal Drive, in Oakwood. Her phone number is 203-470-0733. You can also contact Sue for more information at 480-491-3774.

If you are a single living in Sun Lakes, SunBird, Solera, or Springfield, you are welcome to join us. We would love to have you as a member. If you want more info, call Ginny Marr at 480-390-5145 or Richard Lewin at 480-525-3630, or check out our website at