Other Card Results

New Canasta Players Welcome

New players are invited to join our Tuesday Canasta group. We meet at poolside in Oakwood, just after noon, and play from 12:30 until about 3:30 p.m. Beginners are welcome to come and learn, as we all were beginners at one time. Come and make new friends. We have a couple of men who play in our group and would welcome both men and ladies. You do not need to be a resident of IronOaks to play. For more information, contact Lyn Munn at 480-895-3008 or email [email protected].

Tuesday Night Cribbage

Jeff Scott

Join us for cribbage every Tuesday night at 6:15 p.m. in the Cottonwood clubhouse, A-7 Painting Room, organized by Stan Wengrzyn.

9/7. 1st Kathy Scholtz 14+114, 2nd Bill Bade 11+85, 3rd Royce Bohning 11+70, Low Donna Smid 4-98

9/14. 1st Royce Bohning 16+110, 2nd Bill Bade 13+74, 3rd Rudy Gerstner 12+104, Low Sherry Alexander 3-102, Perfect Score Royce Bohning

9/21. 1st Eldon Drenthe 17+154, 2nd Bill Bade 11+115, 3rd Patty Donahue 10+51, Low Dan Flicker 4-92, Perfect Score Eldon Drenthe

9/28. 1st Frank Even 13+114, 2nd Liz Schubert 10+62, 3rd Rudy Gerstner 10+34, Low Sherry Alexander 4-124

Sunday Night Euchre

Join us for Euchre every Sunday at 6 p.m. in the Sun Lakes Country Club Arts & Crafts Room.

9/19. 1st Dennis Mulcahy 77, 2nd (tie) Bob Reeves 74/Carolyn Searls 74

9/26. 1st Bob Reeves 75, 2nd (tie) Jake Besch/Etta Lakes 62

Wednesday Pinochle

Join us for Pinochle every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Cottonwood clubhouse, A-7 Painting Room.

8/11. Women: 1st Trudy Alexander 773, 2nd Sharon Zubchevich 759, 3rd Joyce Elliott 701; Men: 1st Ozzie Zubchevich 763, 2nd Konrad Spicker 732, 3rd Jack Bigus 708

8/18. Women: 1st Terry Porter 864, 2nd Lillian Look 704, 3rd Jackie Baker 667; Men: 1st Roger Bergerson 731, 2nd Jerome Schultz 673, 3rd Harry Smelser 629

8/25. Women: 1st Betty Echgelmeier 750, 2nd Terry Porter 729, 3rd Ellie Ewish 690; Men: 1st Harry Smelser 714, 2nd Tom Gillis 622, 3rd Jim McDonald 620

9/01. Women: 1st Sharon Zubchevich 653; Men: 1st Steve Kauffman 830, 2nd Bob Starkloff 760, 3rd Dave Smits 693

9/08. Women: 1st Terry Porter 802, 2nd Jolene Gubsch 743, 3rd Trudy Alexander 681; Men: 1st Ozzie Zubchevich 806, 2nd Dave Smits 789

9/15. Women: 1st Ellie Ewish 751, 2nd Jackie Baker 624, 3rd Sharon Zubchevich 618; Men: 1st Roger Bergerson 910, 2nd Bob Reeves 823, 3rd Tom Gillis 639

9/22. Women: 1st Jackie Baker 749, 2nd Jill Stranger 656; Men: 1st Jack Bigus 829, 2nd Harry Smelser 802, 3rd Roger Bergerson 779

9/29. Women: 1st Trudy Alexander 725, 2nd Marlene Hinkle 723, 3rd Lillian Look 715; Men: 1st Dave Smits 712, 2nd Harry Smelser 704, 3rd Jim McDonald 696

See you next week!

Friday Pinochle

Join us for Pinochle every Friday at 6:30 p.m. in the Arts & Crafts Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club.

9/03. Women: 1st Jackie Baker 864, 2nd Sharon Zubchevich 699; Men: 1st Tom Gillis 690, 2nd Harry Smelser 678, 3rd Dave Nutile 657

9/10. Women: 1st Gleva Wiepking 696, 2nd Sharon Zubchevich 641, 3rd Jackie Baker 637; Men: 1st Harry Smelser 726, 2nd Jack Bigus 696, 3rd Ozzie Zubchevich 693

9/17. Women: 1st Ellie Ewish 665, 2nd Sharon Zubchevich 596, 3rd Sue Stevenson 474; Men: 1st Harry Smelser 764, 2nd Dave Smits 670, 3rd Bob Reeves 466

9/24. Women: 1st Terry Porter 804, 2nd Sharon Zubchevich 703, 3rd Ellie Ewish 676; Men: 1st Tom Gillis 808, 2nd Harry Smelser 689, 3rd Bob Reeves 630