Niners April Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

It is my sad duty to announce the recent passing of former Niner Duane Pontek. Duane was an active member as well as the president of the IronOaks HOA Board of Directors, and golfers could always depend on his support in golf-related matters. Our sincere condolences are offered to his wife Carol and the Pontek family.

Winners: 4/7/22 Cha Cha Cha Lakes. 1st Jerry Richards, Larry Munson, Dick Harrold, Bruce Vantine; 2nd (tie) Lee Boudreaux, Dennis Martin, John Gaudioso, Jim Dawson and Terry Simmons, Paul Feeney, Greg Gustafson, Larry Schuller; 4th (tie) Bill Flinn, Bill Whitely, Dennis Clark and Jerry Vickery, Mike Osborn, Jim Johnson, Gary Russell; 6th Erich Tiepel, Ron Fager, David Mork, Bill Bartoo; KPs: #2 Erich Tiepel, Dick Harrold; #6 Mark Bernier, Lou Blas

4/14/22 Best Balls One Net One Gross Palms. 1st Larry Munson, Mike Osborn, Rich Gihring, Peter Gerdik; 2nd Lee Boudreaux, Lou Blas, Bill McConnell, Robert Greene; 3rd Joe D’Amore, Bill Slattery, James Coughlin, Bill Bartoo; 4th Tom Reale, Jim Janowski, Bill Whitely, Ray Greenbush; 5th (tie) Terry Simmons, Jerry Vickery, Jack Cook and Erich Tiepel, Len Dolins, Gaylord Lind, Jim Daleo; KPs: #4 Lee Boudreaux, Jim Daleo; #7 Terry Simmons, John Schuler

4/21/22 Skins Sonoran. Winners by Team: 1. Ed Anderson, Lee Boudreaux; 2. Jerry Richards, Terry Simmons; 3. Tom Bleier, Ron Betti; 4. Ron Fager, Paul Feeney, Joe D’Amore; 5. John Ferrin, John Schuler, Larry Swanson; 6. Rich Gihring, John Gaudioso, Mike Halleck, Lou Blas; 7. Dennis Martin, Jim Janowski; 8. Bob Deken, Len Dolins, Bill Slattery; 9. Pete Stein, Greg Wells; 10. Jim Newman, David Mork; 11. Peter Gerdik, Bill Crump, Jim Daleo; 12. Dennis Clark, Gary Russell, Norm Noble; 13. Jim Dawson, Ray Greenbush, Bruce Vantine; KPs: #3 Ed Anderson, Bill McConnell; #8 Jim Johnson, Terry Simmons

4/28/22 Low Net Lakes. Flight 1: 1st Tom Reale; 2nd Jim LaBarge; 3rd Mark Bernier; Flight 2: 1st Joe D’Amore; 2nd (tie 3) Jack Baur, Len Dolins, Bill Flinn; Flight 3: 1st Jim Janowski; 2nd Greg Wells; 3rd Rich Gihring; Flight 4: 1st Jim Dawson; 2nd Jim Theobald; 3rd (tie 3) Jim Johnson, Tom Thibodeau, Bruce Vantine; KPs: #2 Bob Deken, Lloyd Schaeffer; #6 Jim Janowski, Jerry Richards

New starting time: On May 19 the Niners move to an 8 a.m. shotgun start, so set your alarm clocks accordingly.

The temperatures are starting to rise, so be sure to hydrate prior to the round and keep drinking as you play.

In case you missed it, April 27, was the 25th anniversary of the Oakwood Niners. There are no “Charter members” still active, but Jim Theobald is the member with the longest continuous membership. Congratulations, Jim.

Ed Anderson has put together a solid slate of candidates to lead our league for the next two years, and the election is right around the corner. Lloyd has made it easy to vote online, and ballots will be sent to all members soon.