Niners April Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Welcome to April golf. The days are warmer, so our shotgun starts at 8:30 a.m. We are saying goodbye to our winter visitors. Some of our friends and neighbors may have already gone. Gentlemen, travel safely and come back to us in the fall.

We will not be seeing John Gaudioso at the 50/50 table on Thursday mornings. After a long run as special events chairman and 50/50 manager, John has stepped down. John has been the 50/50 guy and has worked behind the scenes for the luncheons gathering prizes, selling tickets, and helping with the many details needed to ensure a great meeting. So, a tip of the old golf cap to Johnny G. for all his work.

The life blood of any organization is the volunteer spirit of its members. Jim Campbell has offered to step in as the Thursday morning 50/50 guy. Thanks, Jim.

Winners: 4/6/23 Best Balls 3-4-5 Palms. 1st Terry Simmons, Jerry Pederson, Jerry Vickery, Ray Greenbush; 2nd Tom Reale, Mike Halleck, Larry Schuller, Bill McConnell; 3rd Bob Gresen, Jim DeVinck, Jim Janowski, Peter Gerdik; 4th Bob Pender, Jack Baur, Jim Coughlin, David Mork; 5th (T3) Bill Pender, Lou Blas, Paul Wilde, Don Lewis/Lee Boudreaux, John Rolfe, Bob Deken, Ted Piotrowski/Jim LaBarge, Len Dolins, Rich Gihring, Jim Dawson; KPs: #4 Jim Coughlin, Bill Pender; #7 Peter Gerdik, Jim LaBarge

4/13/23 Low Net by Tee Sonoran. White tee: 1st Jim Campbell; 2nd Bill Stoutenberg; Gold tee: 1st Ted Piotrowski; 2nd Terry Simmons; 3rd (T) Tom Bleier, Dennis Martin; 5th (T3) Jim Coughlin, John Rolfe, Erich Tiepel; 8th (T3) Mark Bernier, Rich Gihring, Greg Gustafson; Silver tee: 1st Butch Bosselli; 2nd (T) Lee Boudreaux, Bob Greenbush; 3rd (T7) Bill Bartoo, Jack Baur, Jim Dawson, Len Dolins, John Gaudioso, Jim LaBarge, Jim Theobald; 11th Don Fayfar; 12th Jim Daleo, Bob Deken; KPs: #3 Jim LaBarge, Dennis Martin; #8 Stan Posey, Mike Krol

4/20/23 Shramble Sonoran. 1st Lee Boudreaux, Jack Baur, Carl Burnham Jr, Bill Bartoo; 2nd Tom Reale, Stan Posey, Bill McConnell, Peter Gerdik; 3rd (T3) Jon Deiter, Larry Munson, Jim Janowski, Dennis Clark/Ed Anderson, Dennis Martin, Jim DeVinck, Bruce Vantine/Bob Clark, Len Dolins, Paul Wilde, Nunzio Cusumano; KPs: #3 Bill McConnell, Erich Tiepel; #8 Jerry Richards, Jim DeVinck

4/27/23 Best Balls One Gross One Net Palms. 1st (T) John Rolfe, Jerry Pederson, Nunzio Cusumano, John Gaudioso/Joe D’Amore, Don Fayfar, Bob Deken, Jim Theobald; 3rd Jerry Richards, Len Dolins, Jim Janowski, Jim Johnson; 4th Lee Boudreaux, Mark Bernier, Bruce Vantine, Ted Piotrowski; KPs: #4 John Rolfe, Jim Wegman; #7 Erich Tiepel, Bill Flinn

On April 27 the Niners celebrated their 26th anniversary as an official golf league. Prior to play, the board distributed a copy of the “Role of the Captains” to clarify the tasks of the team captains during league play. If you have not received a copy, see Jim Wegman. This document was prepared by League Secretary David Mork. Nice work, David.