Dollars & Sense: Add Millions of Net Worth by Large Roth IRA Conversions

Dr. Harold Wong

I have attended hundreds of financial seminars over the last 50 years and have never seen economic opportunity/cost benefit analysis mentioned. The world of investments states that to get a higher rate of return, you have to take higher risk. What if you could become a multi-millionaire by the huge economic opportunity benefit of Roth IRA Conversion tax savings?

Case Study: About 1.5 years ago, I met a retired nurse. She had $5 million of financial assets. Her normal taxable income was $190,000. In 2022 we did a $600,000 Roth IRA Conversion, which increased her taxable income to $790,000. In 2022 her federal income tax would have been $242,000 and Arizona income tax about $16,500, for a total of $258,500. She will convert the other half of her traditional IRA in 2023.

Tax Solution: She purchased $420,000 of solar business equipment that was leased long-term to giant food companies. Instead of paying $258,500 of taxes, the solar equipment reduces taxes to $25,000 Alternative Minimum Tax. She will receive an annual income of $29,400 for 10 years and average an 18.5% return.

She had $1.2 million in a traditional IRA and can earn 9%, or $108,000, annually. She’s in a combined 28.5% tax bracket, which would be $30,780 of taxes owed if that $108,000 was spent. She will be alive for at least 20 years, and her son who inherits the Roth IRA enjoys unlimited earnings for the first 10 years.

Using a Hewlett-Packard 12C Financial Calculator, we enter: PMT = $30,780; I = 9%; N = 30 years; and so FV = Future Value = $4,573,145 more net worth. She can keep the same investments that were in the traditional IRA, but the economic opportunity benefit of saving $30,780 of annual taxes creates $4,573,145 more net worth.

If you had $600,000 in a traditional IRA or 401k and converted all to a Roth IRA, you would add $2,286,572 of net worth. This analysis shows the tremendous power of doing Roth IRA Conversions to create millions of more net worth without taking any more risk in your investments.

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Dr. Wong earned his Ph.D. in economics at University of California/Berkeley and has appeared on over 400 TV/radio programs.