Niners April Golf results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The 2017 Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon is history. Our 20th year as a golf league has begun. The current Board will remain: President Jim Wegman, Vice President Joe Sigillo, Treasurer Lloyd Schaeffer and Secretary Lynn Thompson.

Meeting Highlights: The Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon featured a lot of prizes and a couple of unique events. Members Jim Theobald, Marvin Carmickle and Eddie Allen are front runners for 2017 “Good Guy “awards. Marvin had two winning tickets in the 50/50 drawing and could have left with a pocketful of cash. Instead, Marvin donated back all his winnings to the league. And Jim Theobald, who does so many nice things behind the scenes for league members, donated about 90 sleeves of golf balls for sale to the members at a “buck a sleeve.” The members lined up to grab the bargains, and we added all the proceeds to our Administrative fund. Now, “Fast Eddie” Allen, as always, donated lots of golf gear; from sleeves of balls to clubs and a hat. These three members are to be commended for their generosity.

Award Winners: 2016-2017 Award Winners. Most Improved Golfers; 1st David Mork, 2nd Mike Stegina, 3rd Lee Boudreaux. Most Games Played; Jerry Richards. Most Chits Won; 1st Jerry Richards, 2nd Mike Osborn, 3rd Mike Stegina. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors Lloyd Schaeffer, Eddie Allen, Bruce McCorkle, Bill Pender, Jerry Vickery, Dennis Manz. Niners League Championship Winners: Flt. A Brian Kretschman, Flt. B Jim Wegman, Flt. C Mike Flannery.

Let’s welcome new members Tom Bleier and Gaylord Lind and returning members Mike Flannery and Larry Burke. We are glad to see Larry and Mike back on the golf course after some recent problems.

Winners: 04/06/17 Best Balls; One Gross, One Net Sonoran. 1st Ron Rudzinski, Jack Cook, Jim Janowski, Bob Melhuish; 2nd Frank Pender, Norm Noble, Tom Thibodeau, Jim Wegman; 3rd Al Metz, Paul Bopko, Bruce Henderson, Paul Blatnicky. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Mike Stewart, No. 8 Gordon Graham.

04/13 Two Best Net Balls, Lakes. 1st Bill Pender, Mike Osborn, Peter Gerdik; 2nd Lloyd Schaeffer, Ed Allen, Lynn Thompson, Len Dolins; 3rd Al Metz, Ron Rudzinski, Jack Cook, Gaylord Lind; 4th Dennis Manz, Mike Stegina, Joe Lombardo, Jordy Primack. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Jerry Richards, No. 6 Lee Boudreaux.

04/20 Low Net Palms. Flt. A 1st Ron Rudzinski, 2nd (tie) Lee Boudreaux, Lloyd Schaeffer, 4th (tie) Ed Allen, Ron Betti, Larry Johnson, Mike Osborn; Flt. B 1st Bill Lacey, 2nd (tie) Jack Cook, Bob Hiller, 4th (tie) Dave Peters, Jim Janowski; Flt. C 1st Peter Gerdik, 2nd Norm Noble, 3rd (tie) Len Dolins, Rich Funk, Gerry Regan, Mike Stewart. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Ron Betti, No. 7 Bill Slattery.

04/27 Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Sonoran. 1st (tie) Tom Bleier, Lee Boudreaux, Mike Osborn, Joe Sigillo and Dave Mork, Gordon Graham, Mike Stewart, Bruce Henderson; 3rd Jack Cook, Greg Gustafson, Phil Hotchkiss; 4th (tie) Larry Burke, John Gaudioso, Bill Whitely, Renny Vowell and Ed Allen, Bob Hiller, Peter Gerdik, Jim Wegman. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Larry Johnson, No. 8 Tom Bleier.