Niners January golf results


The 2019 golf season has arrived. The membership is looking forward to the Niners Championship, the Low Gross Tournament and The Annual Membership Meeting/Awards Luncheon. The new 2019 Rules of Golf are in force, the IronOaks courses are green and healthy and the weather is warming up.

Membership New year, new members. Let’s welcome John Britz, sponsored by John Schuler; George Ferra, sponsored by new member John Britz; and Greg Wells, sponsored by Pete Stein. And let’s welcome Terry Simmons as well. The newest of the new members is Dennis Martin, sponsored by John Britz, who may become the next membership chairman. Welcome, guys, and thanks to all of the sponsors.

Winners 01/03/19 2 Best Net Balls Palms. 1st Jerry Richards, Paul Bopko, Dennis Clark; 2nd Bob Pender, Jim Broich, Larry Schuller, John Gaudioso; 3rd Ed Anderson, Jack Cook, Jim Theobald; 4th (tie) Bill Stoutenberg, John Schuler, Bill Bartoo and Lee Boudreaux, Jim Janowski, Bill Slattery; 6th (tie) Frank Pender, Jim Mendenhall, Carl Burnham Jr. and Larry Johnson, Renny Vowell, Bill Whitely, Tom Thibodeau. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Frank Pender, No. 7 Bill Pender

01/10/19 Best Bells 1 Gross 1 Net Sonoran. 1st (tie) Frank Pender, Ernie Papacek, Carl Schell, Greg Sutton and Jerry Richards, Jim Broich, Jonathon Russell, Bill Slattery; 3rd Ron Rudzinski, Pat O’Connell, Robert Melhuish; 4th (tie) Lloyd Schaeffer, Mike Stegina, Gaylord Lind and Lee Boudreaux, Don Lewis, Gerry Regan, Bill Lacey; 6th Erich Tiepel, Mike Stewart, Bruce Henderson; 7th Ron Betti, Dave Peters, Frank Monaghan, Eric Gordon. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Lee Boudreaux, No. 8 Mike Stewart

01/17/19 Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Lakes. 1st Jerry Richards, Gene Cole, Lynn Thompson; 2nd Larry Johnson, Bill Whitely, John Gaudioso, Jack Cook; 3rd Bob Pender, Pat O’Connell, Paul Bopko, Bob Melhuish; 4th Tom Marschel, Dave Peters, Carl Burnham; 5th (3-way tie) Frank Monaghan, Jonathan Russell, Bill Lacey, Jim Deleo, Bill Pender, Don Lewis, Joe Lombardo, Bill Bartoo and Frank Pender, Mike Osborn, Peter Gerdik. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Pat O’Connell, No. 6 Bill Pender

01/24/19 Cha Cha Cha Palms. 1st Bruce McCorkle, Pat O’Connell, Jim Broich; 2nd Jim Mendenhall, Ernie Papacek, George Ferra, Robert Melhuish; 3rd Frank Pender, Dick Negaard, Renny Vowell, Dave Peters; 4th (tie) Jerry Richards, Dennis Clark, Bill Lacey and Ron Betti, Tom Marschel, Mark Moberg Gary Nessel 6th (tie) Larry Johnson Paul Bopko Terrill Simmons, Tom Thibodeau and Tom Bleier, Peter Gerdik, James Newman, Bill Bartoo. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 George Ferra, No. 7

01/31/19 Low Gross Sonoran. Flight A: 1st Eric Tiepel; 2nd Lloyd Schaeffer; 3rd (tie) Lee Boudreaux, George Ferra; 5th Jerry Richards; Flight B: 1st Bill Stoutenberg; 2nd (tie) Larry Swanson, Ernie Papacek; 4th Jim Janowski; 5th Paul Bopko; Flight C: 1st Mike Stewart; 2nd Bill Whitely; 3rd Jordy Primack; 4th (tie) Don Lewis, Norm Noble. Closest to the Pin Honors: No. 3 Lee Boudreaux, No. 8 Jim Deleo

Gentlemen, mark your calendars for Thursday, March 28, 2019. The Annual Membership Meeting and Awards Luncheon will start at 11:00 a.m. in the Oakwood clubhouse.