Niners January Results

A new year means a fresh start—new clubs, a new golf cart, a new approach to the game. Want to keep the course in top shape? Repair divots and fix ball marks on the green.

January brought a lot of new faces to the Niners. We are asking members, new and old, to wear their Niners name tags. The tags will help us get acquainted and make it easier for the game managers to identify members and ensure they are in the right slots.

The 9th Annual Hamilton High Boys Golf Team Fundraiser is scheduled for Thursday, March 23. Contact David Mork for sign-up details.

Jan. 5 was the start of our Low Gross tournament, continued on Jan. 12, and finished on Jan. 19. See winners list below:

Winners: 1/5/23 Two Best Net Lakes. 1st (tie) Ed Anderson, Butch Bosselli, Paul Wilde, Jim Theobald/Erich Tiepel, Dennis Martin, Jim Wegman; 3rd Mark Bernier, Bill Flinn, Jim Newman, Peter Gerdik; 4th (3-way tie) Jerry Pederson, Len Dolins, Gaylord Lind, Greg Gustafson/Jon Deiter, Jerry Vickery, Jim Johnson, Jim Dawson/Jack Baur, Tom Bleier, Carl Burnham Jr.; KPs #2: Peter Gerdik, Ron Rudzinski; #6 Jim Janowski, Bob Pender

1/12/23 Skins Palms. Winners by Teams: 1. Bill Pender, Jim Campbell; 2. Don Fayfar, Jon Deiter; 3. Jerry Richards, Al Metz, John Rolfe, Tom Reale; 4. Jack Baur, Terrill Simmons, Ron Rudzinski; 5. Larry Swanson, Larry Munson, Jerry Vickery, Bill Stoutenberg; 6. Carl Burnham Jr., Len Dolins; 7. Jerry Pederson, Jordy Primack; 8. Jim Coughlin, Bob Deken, Jonathan Russell; 9. Jim Janowski, Gaylord Lind; 10. Jim Newman, Stan Posey, John Schuler, Dennis Martin; 11. Jim Wegman, Don Lewis, Jim Deleo, Nunzio Cusumano; 12. Lee Boudreaux, Gregg Wells, Larry Schuller; 13. Tom Walker, Jim Johnson; 14. Peter Gerdik, Paul Wilde, Bill Crump, Greg Gustafson; 15. Garry Russell; 16. Bill Bartoo, Ted Piotrowski, Bob Greene; KPs: #4 Al Metz, Bill Crump; #7 Bill Pender, Tom Walker

1/19/23 Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Sonoran. 1st Bob Clark, Stan Posey, Gary Russell, Tom Walker; 2nd (3-way tie) John Rolfe, Jonathan Russell, Greg Wells, Greg Gustafson/Terry Simmons, Nunzio Cusumano, Jim Wegman/Erich Tiepel, Butch Bosselli, Gaylord Lind; 5th Joe D’Amore, Jack Baur, Bob Deken, Bruce Vantine; 6th Tom Reale, Al Metz, Jim DeVinck, Ray Greenbush; KPs: #3 Larry Swanson, Gary Horkey; #8 Larry Swanson, Tom Walker

Winners; Low Gross Tournament: Flight A: Terry Simmons, Flight B: Jack Baur, Flight C: Jim Wegman, Flight D: Paul Wilde

1/26/23 Step Aside Lakes. 1st Bill Whitely, Paul Wilde, Butch Bosselli, Terry Simmons; 2nd Jim Johnson, Jack Baur, Jerry Richards; 3rd Jim Deleo, Ed Anderson, Tom Reale; 4th Jim Theobald, Jim Newman, Erich Tiepel; 5th Peter Gerdik, Jim Wegman, Lee Boudreaux, Jerry Pederson; 6th Jack Cameron, Bill Stoutenberg, Jim DeVinck, John Rolfe; KPs: #2 Jerry Richards, Jim Wegman; #6 Jack Baur, Rod Rudzinski

The annual Awards Luncheon/annual meeting will be on Wednesday, March 1, at the Oakwood clubhouse.

How big is the hole? 4.25 inches in diameter is the official size.