Niners June results


Jim Wegman, Publicity

No doubt about it, summer is here. The number of players is going down, and the temperature is going up.

We have a new Niner. Let’s welcome Jonathan Russell, recruited by Jim Johnson. Thanks, Jim, and welcome, Jonathan.

Winners 6/7/18 2 Best Net Balls Lakes. 1st (tie) Jim LaBarge, Joe Lombardo, Norm Noble, Jim Wegman and Jerry Richards; Bob Clark, David Peters, Larry Stadler; 3rd (tie) Lloyd Schaeffer, Mike Osborn, David Mork, Jordy Primack and Jerry Vickery; Jim Broich, Bob Deken, Jim Theobald; 5th (tie) Ron Betti, Larry Schuller, Jim Janowski, Tom Thibodeau and Tom Bleier; Frank Pender, Peter Gerdik, Eric Gordon; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Jerry Vickery, No. 6 Frank Pender

6/14/18 Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Palms. 1st Larry Burke, Len Dolins, Joe Lombardo, Frank Monaghan; 2nd Tom Bleier, Bob Deken, Gerry Regan, Jerry Vickery; 3rd Jim LaBarge, Dave Mork, Larry Schuller, Bill Bartoo; 4th Bob Clark, Ed Anderson, Tom Thibodeau, Renny Vowell; 5th Bob Pender, Bill Whitely, Norm Noble, Peter Gerdik; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors No. 4 Lee Boudreaux, No. 7 Jack Cook

6/21/18 Low Net Sonoran. A Flight: 1st Bill Pender; 2nd (3-way tie) Lee Boudreaux, Bob Pender, Jerry Vickery; 5th Tom Bleier; 6th (tie) Jerry Richards, Lloyd Schaeffer; B Flight: 1st Jim Janowski; 2nd (tie) Mike Osborn, Jordy Primack; 4th Renny Vowell; 5th Jim Deleo; 6th (tie) John Gaudioso, Joe Lombardo; C Flight: 1st (tie) Dave Peters, Bill Whitely; 3rd (tie) Mike Stegina, Jim Wegman; 5th (3-way tie) Bob Deken, Eric Gordon, Norm Noble; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Jim Deleo, No. 8 Bill Pender

6/28/18 Fewest Putts Palms. A Flight: 1st Bob Pender, 2nd Lee Boudreaux, 3rd Tom Bleier, 4th Larry Burke, 5th Ed Anderson, 6th Jim Janowski; B Flight: 1st Larry Schuller, 2nd Paul Bopko, 3rd Jonathan Russell, 4th Mike Osborn, 5th Bill Whitely, 6th Lynn Thompson; Flight C: 1st Peter Gerdik, 2nd Bob Deken, 3rd Tom Thibodeau, 4th Mike Stegina, 5th John Gaudioso, 6th Jim Johnson; Closest-to the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Bob Pender, No. 7 Jonathan Russell

FYI: A big thank you to Bob Pender who has volunteered to handle the Niner’s page on the IronOaks website. Bob, we appreciate your efforts.

As most of you know, we are currently playing on the “closed course” on Thursdays. Although the water stations are still out on the course, it would be prudent to bring your own water or choice of non-alcoholic beverages.

As the courses are being heavily aerated, punched and raked, we will be playing with “Winter Rules,” so lift-clean-place will apply. If you find yourself in the mud or on the mud, you may take a drop, no closer to the hole, without a penalty. Balls found in the rough must be played “as they lie” in the rough.

The changes we requested for the x4 website are now in place. These are designed to make the game managers’ tasks easier and set-up and processing faster.

Remember, your chits can be used for the purchase of food and beverages at our restaurants and bars.