Niners March 2021 Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Spring is right around the corner; the grass is looking greener and some field work is underway. If you see tiny holes on the greens, or larger holes in places around the course, it is the work of the crew needle-punching and tine-punching for better aeration and water dispersal. There might be some wet places on the courses, try not to drive through them. The extra water will support incoming grass growth. The work never ends, and because of the crews, the courses are looking better each year.

All our members will be glad to hear that we are returning to the “Closest-to-the-Pin honors. The COVID-19 situation caused many changes in our normal play routine, but things are getting better.

It is with great sadness I report that our friend and fellow Niner Merv Hedding has passed away. I have known Merv for many years and enjoyed his company both on and off the course. He was a grand guy and always had a smile or a laugh, no matter how good or bad the game was going. Let me offer our deepest condolences to Merv’s wife, Judy, and the Hedding family.

Winners: 03/04/21 Team Stableford Lakes. 1st Dave Mork, Pete Stein, and Tom Thibodeau; 2nd Roger Rusche, John Britz, and Greg Sutton; 3rd Jim Johnson, Bill Lacey, and John Gaudioso.

O3/11/21 Shramble Palms. 1st (tie) Jerry Richards, Ron Rudzinski John Gaudioso, Murray Luther, Jordy Primack, Ernie Papacek, Jim Wegman, and Wayne Aarestad; 3rd (tie) Bill Lacey, Jerry Vickery, Greg Sutton, Jim Theobald, Jim Janowski, Bruce Henderson, and Bill. Flinn;03/18/21 Low Gross Sonoran. Hamilton High Boys Golf Team Event. Flt. 1: 1st Ron Betti; 2nd (tie) Frank Pender, Lloyd Schaeffer. Flt. 2: 1st John Schuler; 2nd Jim Campbell; 3rd (tie 3) Bill Lacey, Jordy Primack, and Terrill Simmons. Flt. 3: 1st Bruce Henderson; 2nd Al Metz; 3rd Tom Bleier. Flt. 4: 1st (tie) Len Dolins, Greg Gustafson; 3rd Peter Gerdik.

03/25/21 Cha Cha Cha Lakes. We Are Returning To Closest-To-The-Pin Honors With Today’s Game. 1st Ed Anderson, Gaylord Lind, and Bruce Vantine; 2nd Lee Boudreaux, Jim Campbell, Larry Schuller, and Greg Gustafson; 3rd Jerry Richards, Bob Deken, Peter Gerdik, and Paul Feeney. KP’s # 2 Gaylord Lind, Nick Angele, # 6 Carl Burnham Jr., Bill Lacey.