Niners March Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The annual Awards Luncheon and fundraiser for the Hamilton High Girls Golf Team was a great success, thanks to the teamwork of Jim Campbell and his staff. A list of our award winners, wonderful sponsors, and supporters will appear in another Splash column this month. We have another new member, so please welcome Keith Lewis to our league.

Gentlemen, you have outdone yourselves this year. At last count, the total donations from our members have reached $6,050 for the Hamilton High Boys Golf Team. The hard work of Jerry Richards, Bob Deken, Jim Campbell, and our volunteers has made this possible. There are non-members who are to be commended as well. So, a tip of the old golf cap to Director of Golf Operations Eddy Renio and Barbara Solomonson at the Oakwood Pro Shop who made this event happen. A big “thank you” to BlueStar General Manager John Reyhons for his generous contribution of the food for the Pizza and Pop Party after the round.

Winners: 3/7/24 Lone Ranger Palms. 1st Jim LaBarge, Tom Bleier, Jim Dawson, Steve Touchstone; 2nd Jim Campbell, Jim Wegman, Jim Daleo, Greg Wells; 3rd (T) Jerry Richards, Jordy Primack, Arvind Phukan, Steve Eppert/Bob Clark, Jim Thompson, Nunzio Cusumano, Ray Greenbush; 5th Joe D’Amore, Larry Munson, Bill Whitelym, Patrick Kerr; KPs: #4 Bill Whitely, Lee Boudreaux; #7 Jim LaBarge, Jerry Pederson

3/14/24 Fewest Putts Sonoran. Flight 1: 1st (T) Lee Boudreaux, Erich Tiepel; 3rd Ron Rudinski; 4th (T) Ed Anderson, Al Metz; Flight 2: 1st (T4) Harrold Dick, Pat O’Connell, Bill Stoutenberg, Paul Wilde; 5th (T5) Dick Negaard, Stan Posey, Jordy Primack, Marl Stoimenoff, Greg Wells; Flight 3: 1st Gary Russell; 2nd (T) Butch Bosselli, Nunzio Cusumano; 4th (T) Mike Kozak, Larry Schuller; 6th Bob Deken; Flight 4: 1st Greg Gustafson; 2nd (T) Jim Daleo, Arvind Phukan; 4th Patrick Kerr; 5th (T) Ray Greenbush, Tom Thibodeau; KPs: #3 Mike Kozak, Neil Anderson; #8 Ed Anderson, Jordy Primack

3/21/24 Low Net by Tee. Hamilton High Boy’s Golf Fundraiser. White Tee: 1st Patrick Kerr; 2nd Richard Russell; 3rd (T3) Ed Anderson, Bill Stoutenberg, George Yencho; 6th Paul Baker; Gold Tee: 1st (T) Jim Janowski, Greg Wells; 3rd (T3) Pat O’Connell, Terry Simmons, Sam Whitlock; 6th (T) Stan Posey, Ron Rudzinski; Silver Tee: 1st John Gaudioso; 2nd Lou Blas; 3rd (T) Nunzio Cusumano, Larry Munson; 5th Bob Deken; 6th (T3) Carl Burnham Jr., Arvind Phukan, Jordy Primack; KPs: #2 Jordy Primack, Richard Russell; #6 Nunzio Cusumano, Terry Simmons

3/28/24 Cha Cha Cha Palms. 1st Joe D’Amore, Jim Wegman, Bruce Vantine, John Gaudioso; 2nd (T) Ed Anderson, Pat O’Connell, Bill Whitely, Pat Kerr/Jim La Barge, Bill Slattery, Jim Dawson, Ray Greenbush; 4th Neil Anderson, Dennis Martin, Alan Aken, Don Lewis; 5th (T) Don Fayfar, Jordy Primack, Greg Wells, Greg Gustafson/Terry Simmons, Butch Bosselli, Bill McConnell; KPs: #4 Greg Gustafson, Richard Russell; #7 Bob Clark, Lou Blas

Some of our members will soon be leaving for cooler climates. Travel safely and have a great summer.