Niners November Golf results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The Niners board members and committee chairmen hope all our members had a chance to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends and had a wonderful day. We wished all our members a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah filled with joy and light and a Happy, Healthy New Year. Let’s hope 2018 brings us all good health and happiness.

Membership: The League is growing again. Please welcome Ernie Papacek, recruited by Peter Gerdik; Jim Mendenhall, recruited by Bruce Henderson and Don Lewis, recruited by Dave Mork. Thanks, Dave, Peter and Bruce and welcome to the Niners, Don, Ernie and Jim. We also want to welcome Murray Luther sponsored by Bruce Henderson, Roger Rusche recruited by Dennis Manz and welcome back former Niner, Jimmy LaBarge, who found the league at the Golf Expo. So thanks, Dennis, Bruce and Lloyd and welcome, Murray, Roger and Jim. More new members to be welcomed are Carl Burnham Jr. and Mark Stapels. Mark has two sponsors; David Mork and Norm Noble.

ACE: Treasurer Lloyd Schaeffer has our newest “Ace.” While playing IMGA on November 28, 2017, Lloyd aced the par 3, 10th hole at Ironwood with his trusty 7 iron. Congratulations, Lloyd.

Winners: 11/09/17 Scramble, Lakes. 1st Lee Boudreaux, Jim Janowski, Dave Peters, Roger Rouche; 2nd (tie) Bruce McCorkle, Jim Wegman, Jim Mendenhall, Mike Flannery and Jerry Richards, Paul Bopko, Bill Whitely, Carl Schell; 4th (three-way tie) Frank Pender, Wayne Aarestad, Bill Bartoo, Dennis Manz, Bob Deken, Bill Slattery and David Mork, Lou Blas, Nick Angele, Renny Vowell; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No.2 Nick Angele, No. 6 Jim Lamparski.

11/16 Scramble Palms. 1st Dennis Manz, Larry Burke, Bill Bartoo, Wayne Aarestad; 2nd (tie) Jerry Richards, Norm Noble, Mike Stewart, Wally Linder and Dick Negaard, Jim Janowski, Peter Gerdik; 3rd (five-way tie) (this has not happened in a very long time) Lee Boudreaux, Bill Slattery, Gordon Graham, Jim Lamparski, Bill Stoutenberg, Lynn Thompson, Roger Rusche, Larry Stadler, Bob Hiller, Tom Bleier, Renny Vowell, Len Dolins, Pat O’Connell, Jim Wegman, Carl Schell, Gary Nessel, Jim LeBarge, Ernie Papacek, Richard Funk, Jim Theobald; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Dennis Manz, No. 7 Tom Bleier.

11/23 No Game – Happy Thanksgiving Day to All the Members and Their Families.

11/30 Low Net Lakes. Flt. A 1st Larry Johnson; 2nd Dennis Manz; 3rd (tie) Lee Boudreaux, Jerry Richards; 5th (three-way tie) Larry Burke, Frank Pender, Lloyd Schaeffer; Flt B 1st David Mork; 2nd Greg Sutton; 3rd Ernie Papacek; 4th (three-way tie) Paul Bopko, Marvin Carmickle, Jordy Primack; 7th (tie) Peter Gerdik, Bill Lacey; Flt. C 1st (tie) Don Lewis, Murray Luther; 3rd Paul Blatnicky; 4th Jim Lamparski; 5th Roger Rusche; 6th Mike Stewart; 7th (tie) Jim Broich, Tom Thibodeau; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Larry Johnson, No. 6 Jerry Richards.

We have just completed our overseed period. The courses are in great condition. Let’s keep them that way. Repair ball marks on the greens and fill those fairway divots – yours and two more.