Niners October golf results


Jim Wegman, Publicity

The year is slipping away, and the mornings are cooler, so be sure to check the pairings sheets to be sure you know the correct starting times, courses and positions for the upcoming shotgun starts.

Our annual overseeding program was going well until the record amount of rain threw a monkey wrench into the works. The standing water, soft areas, mud and debris caused a number of projects to be rescheduled. The seed spreading was delayed due to the weather and course conditions. Our Superintendent, Ross Buckendahl, has the best interests of the golfers and the welfare of the courses as his primary goals, so we have to have a little patience when uncontrollable conditions conflicts with best laid plans.

Membership. The league is growing, and we are welcoming three new members: Peter Meade sponsored by David Mork and Ed Anderson. Welcome, Peter, and thanks, David and Ed. Jim Coughlin, welcome Jim and Bill McConnell who was recommended to our league by Eddy Renio, our Director of Golf. The IronOaks Open House on Saturday, October 27, provided the chance to meet with new golfers and get the message out that “Nine is Fine.” We are hoping for some new members from that event.

There was no Niners golf played on October 1 and 11 due to the overseeding schedule. Cart path only play was enforced on October 18 and October 25.

Winners: 10/18/18 Sonoran Scramble. 1st Bob Clark, Larry Burke, Charlie Hughs, Larry Stadler; 2nd Bill Pender, Tom Bleier, Renny Vowell; 3rd Lloyd Schaefer, David Mork, Bill Whitely, Joe Lombardo; 4th Pat O’Connell, Jonathan Russell, Jim Janowski; 5th Bruce McCorkle, Mike Osborn, Gregg Sutton; 6th Frank Pender, Jim Johnson, Jordy Primack. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Frank Pender, No. 8 Paul Bobko

10/25/18 Palms Scramble. 1st Lee Boudreaux, Nick Angele, Jim Janowski, Gary Nessel; 2nd (3-way tie) Bob Clark, Jim Newman, Greg Sutton, Bill Slattery, Bob Pender, Mike Osborn, Bill Whitely, Len Dolins, Frank Pender, Larry Swanson, Jim Mendenhall, Carl Burnham; 5th Bruce McCorkle, Dennis Clark, Dick Negaard, Gaylord Lind; 6th Jerry Vickery, Ernie Papacek, Jim Coughlin, Paul Bobko. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Eric Gordon, No. 7 Tom Bleier

The Niners Golf League is growing, and we have a number of new players who need to be welcomed. If you are in a foursome and do not recognize the other players, take a minute to introduce yourself and get the names of the other players. If you have Niners name tags, please wear them. If you have name tags from other leagues, please wear them. If you have not met Bruce McCorkle and had your photo taken for our photo album, look for Bruce on the next Thursday play day. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming group.

Just a reminder, there is no organized Niners play on Thursday, November 22, as we celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.