Niners results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Just a reminder that league dues are due April 1 and it would help our treasurer, Bob Deken, if the checks arrived a bit early.

League Events: The Ringers Tournament will take place on three Thursdays, February 25, March 3 and March 10, weather permitting. Look for further details and mark your calendar for the dates.

April 17 is the date for the Hamilton High Boy’s golf team to visit the Niners. David Mork will be the Game Manager and host for the day which will be a fundraiser to support the golf team. Plan to play that day. You may get to play with a future PGA Champion – these young guys are good!

The annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon will take place on Thursday, March 24 after our regular golf game.

Membership: David Mork has recruited a new member, Michael Goodyear. Thanks David and welcome Michael.


1/14. Low Gross Palms – Flt. A: (Tie) Bill Flinn and Al Metz and Ron Rudzinski and Ron Betti; Flt. B: (Tie) Warren McCurdy, Jim Wegman and Mike Osborn and Dave Peters and Bill Whitely; Flt. C: (Tie) Joe Klouda and Bill Becker and Jordy Primack and Bob Deken; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: Warren McCurdy No. 2 and Jim Wegman No.6

1/21. Low Gross Lakes – Flt. A: (Tie) Tom Traver and Mike Goodyear and Ron Betti and Al Metz; Flt. B: (Tie) Mike Osborn and Bill Slattery and Dave Bauer and Paul Bopko and Dick Negaard and Larry Johnson; Flt C: Jim Theobald, Jim Janowski, Mike Stewart and Robert Melhuish; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Bill Flinn, No. 7 Larry Johnson

1/28. Cha-Cha-Cha Sonoran – 1st (Tie) Bruce McCorkle, Bill Whitely, Warren McCurdy, Bill Bartoo and Jerry Vickery and Jim Wegman, Joe Klouda and Mike Stewart, 2nd (three way tie) Jerry Richards, Dick Negaard, Greg Sutton, Gordon Graham and Paul Bopko and Ron Rudzinski, Bob Deken, Rich Funk and Mike Osborn and Bill Slattery, Tom Thibodeau and Dick Nelson; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Joe Lombardo, No. 8 Jim Wegman

2016 League Championship Winners: Flt. A: Bill Flinn, Al Metz and Ron Rudzinski; Flt. B: (Tie) Mike Osborn, Warren McCurdy and Jim Wegman; Flt. C: Bill Becker, Joe Klouda and Jim Janowski. A copy of the results for all flights has been posted to the Niners’ bulletin board. Thanks to all our participants.

Local Rules. Palms Hole No. 8- The walled pump station is played as an immovable obstruction-free stance and swing relief only. The ball is to be dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay which is not nearer the hole, avoids such intervention, and is not in a hazard or on a putting green.

Lakes Hole No. 3 – As an additional option under Rule 26-1, if a ball when struck comes to rest in the water hazard behind the green, the player may drop a ball, under penalty of one stroke, in the designated ball drop area located behind the green. If a ball comes to rest on the cart path directly behind the green, the player may take relief under Rule 24-2 or take relief using the designated ball drop area located behind the green on the left side.