Niners Results

Gentlemen, the year is half over, and we are in the midst of the preparation for a full overseed. Some courses will be closed for a week to allow the grounds crew to get the job done. Keep checking our weekly schedule for any last-minute changes. We hope you all had a great weekend and celebrated Independence Day with family and friends.

New Members: Let’s welcome two new members: Jon Deiter and Stan Posey.

Winners: 7/7/22 Skins Palms. Team 1: Bill Pender (4), Ed Anderson (2); Team 2: Larry Swanson (3), Paul Feeney (3); Team 3: Bob Deken (3), Mike Michelson (3), Jim Janowski (3); Team 4: Jim Wegman (3), Jim Daleo (1): Team 5: Butch Bosselli (4); Team 6: Bill Bartoo (3), Bruce Vantine (1); KPs: #4 Peter Gerdik, Jerry Richards; #7 Mike Michelson, Ed Anderson

7/14/22 Scramble Sonoran. First place was crowded this week with a four-way tie! Teams: Jon Deiter, John Schuler, Butch Bosselli, Bill Bartoo; Larry Swanson, Jim Janowski, Jim Wegman, Peter Gerdik; Jerry Vickery, Mike Osborn, Bob Deken, Jim Theobald; and Joe D’Amore, Paul Feeney, Bill Whitely, Bruce Vantine; KPs: #3 Gary Russell, Lloyd Schaeffer; #8 Jerry Richards, Bruce Vantine. The big news for today’s round was an eagle scored by the team of Vickery, Osborn, Deken, and Theobald. Nice work, guys.

7/21/22 Best Balls One Gross, One Net Lakes. 1st (tie) Bill Pender, Jim Daleo, Wayne Aarestad and Lloyd Schaeffer, Jim Janowski, Larry Schuller; 3rd Joe D’Amore, Jack Cameron, Bob Deken; 4th Jim Campbell, Tom Bleier, Butch Bosselli and Jon Deiter, Jerry Richards, Jim Wegman, Bill Bartoo; KPs: #2 Ed Anderson, Jack Cameron; #6 Jack Cameron, Jim Campbell

7/28/22 Low Net by Tee. White Tee: 1st Jim Campbell, 2nd Ron Betti, 3rd (3-way tie) Paul Feeney, Bill Pender, Jerry Richards; Gold Tee: 1st Lloyd Schaeffer, 2nd (3-way tie) Peter Gerdik, Jim Janowski, Tom Reale; Silver Tee: 1st Bill Whitely, 2nd Bob Deken, 3rd (tie) Jim Daleo, Larry Swanson, 5th Len Dolins; KPs: #4 Tom Reale, Bill Whitely; #7 Bill Pender, Jim Daleo

August is National Golf Month. Let’s get out and play more golf. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 9 or 18. Just being out there and enjoying this great game is the best reason to play. And remember, “Nine is better than none.”

Pace of Play. Current rules allow only three minutes searching for a lost ball. The old five-minute rule changed in 2019. Losing a ball is no fun. If your playing partners help out by following the flight path of the ball from the tee, time may be saved. Once you have found your ball, assist other golfers to locate their ball. If the forward area is clear, no golfers in front of you, check the position of the others and then take your stroke.

Determining the ownership of a ball in the grass is made much easier if the ball is marked. The more unique the mark, the easier it will be to identify.