Niners results December 2015

Another page of the calendar has turned; 2016 has arrived and it’s time to hit the fairways once again.

MEMBERSHIP: Thanks to Jordy Primack we have a new member, Marvin Carmickle. Thanks Jordy and Welcome Marvin. We have four additional new members: Joe Lombardo, Robert Melhuish, Dick Neegard and Bill Aldrich. Glad to have you in the league gentlemen.


12/03. Fewest Putts Lakes – Flight A: 1st (tie) Jerry Vickery and Jerry Richards, 2nd (tie) Larry Johnson and Dick Nelson, 3rd (tie) Bill Slattery and Ron Betti; Flight B: 2nd (tie) Len Dolins, Bill Johnson and Dave Peters, 3rd (tie) Jordy Primack, Tom Thibodeau, Bob Hiller and Rich Funk; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Jim Wegman and No.6 Larry Johnson.

12/10. Skins Palms – Team 1: Len Dolins; Team 2: Joe Sigillo; Team 3: Joe Lombardo; Team 4: Greg Sutton; Team 5: Tom Traver; Team 6: (tie) Gordon Graham, Warren McCurdy, Jerry Richards and Bill Whitely; Team 7: Renny Vowell; Team 8: Bob Hiller; Team 9: Bob Balisky; Team 10: Bill Johnson; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Len Dolins, No. 7 Bill Stoutenberg

12/17. Two Best Net Balls Sonoran – 1st Jerry Richards, Bill Stoutenberg, Dennis Clark and Mike Stegina, 2nd Mike Osborn, Jack Cookand Marvin Carmickle, 3rd Joe Lombardo, Bill Bartoo, Joe Sigillo and Rich Funk Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Bill Whitely, No. 8 Jerry Meer

12/24. Best Balls One Gross/One Net Lakes – 1st Jerry Vickery, Dave Peters, Marvin Carmickle and Bob Deken, 2nd Jerry Richards, Bob Hiller, Joe Lombardo and Tom Thibodeau, 3rd Mike Stegina, Bill Bartoo and Jim Theobald; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Ed Allen

12/31. Low Net Palms – Flight A: 1st (tie) Dave Peters and Jerry Richards, 2nd Bill Slattery; Flight B: 1st Bill Whitely, 2nd (tie) Rich Funk and Jim Theobald, 3rd Jack Cook; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Jim Wegman, No.7 Bob Deken

RULES: We continue to receive questions regarding the Local Rules for play on certain holes, primarily water holes.

Oakwood Palms No. 7. Additional option under Rule 28; if the ball comes to rest against the Out of Bounds wall behind the green and is unplayable it may be lifted under penalty of one (1) stroke and played from the designated drop area behind, and to the right, of the green. This drop area may not be used for balls in the water. A separate area, below and to the left of the green, near the cart path, may be used for balls that are hit into the lake under penalty of one (1) stroke.

Oakwood Lakes No. 2. As an additional option under Rule 26-1, for a ball that comes to rest anywhere in the water, the player may, under penalty of one (1) stroke, drop a ball in the designated area behind and to the right of the green just off the cart path. League play may designate that option.

A complete set of Local Rules may be found on the league web site under “Rules.” Take a few minutes and review them.