Cottonwood Men’s Golf

Larry Frink, Ace of Aces Champion

Larry Frink, Ace of Aces Champion

Results of recent events:

12/03 and 12/05. Home and Home with Leisure World – Gross: 1st Dave Tjosvold and Evan Owens, 2nd Victor Lesch and Budd Livingstone, 3rd Rick Gaube and Herschel Johnson; Net: 1st Ron Fish and Rick Nelson, 2nd Gerry Kuczek and David Eriks 3rd Ron Sarnicki and Danny Jetton

12/05. Afternoon Individual Play Low Net/Low Gross – Flight 1: 1st Tom Wilhelm, 2nd Paul Homan, 3rd Stan Mohoric; Flight 2: 1st Ed Farrenkopf, 2nd (tie) William Irwin and Jack Voight; Flight 3: 1st Gerald Brock, 2nd Bob Kruse 3rd (tie) Jim Crandal and Terence Cronin

12/12. Morning and Afternoon Ace of Aces – Champion Larry Frink; Flight 1 Gross: 1st Larry Frink and Tom Wilhelm, 2nd Ed Frees, 3rd Paul Brauer and Jerry Davis; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Dennis Bockelman, 2nd Hank Clausen, 3rd Don Klein; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Ed Farrenkopf, 2nd Russell Grigich, 3rd Chick Garifo; Flight 4 Gross: 1st Earl Whiteman, 2nd Bill Greer, 3rd Robert Schrote

Flight 1 Net: 1st Richard Haug and Bill Moore, 3rd Stan Mohoric and Barry Adams; Flight 2 Net: 1st Jerry Cisneros, 2nd Gene Kivi and Fred Smith; Flight 3 Net: 1st Rick Nelson, 2nd Steve Martz, 3rd Julian Pickens; Flight 4 Net: 1st Gerald Brock, 2nd Danny Jetton, 3rd Bill Jablonski

12/19 Afternoon and 12/20 Morning Cha Cha Cha – 1st place team Bruce Beelman, Jack Wortley, Howard Rathbun and David Eriks, 2nd place team (tie) Barry Adams, Ron Sarnicki, Mark Rancke and Jim Rahilly and Rick Skitt, Ed Farrenkopf, Rick Nelson and Tony Arrigo

12/26. Four Man Teams Two Odd, Three Even – 1st (tie) Jay Mays, Tom Rainville, Roger Beagle and Jim Rahilly and Barry Adams, Tom Mcleod, Rick Nelson and Jeff Singer; 3rd Tom Wilhelm, Ken Pearson, Les Blaylock and Bob Schrote

Upcoming Events:

February 6 – Morning: Two Man Best Ball; Afternoon: President’s Cup Qualifier

February 13 – Morning: Stapleford; Afternoon: First round of President’s Cup Match play

February 19 – Afternoon: Club Championship Round One

February 20 – Morning: Club Championship Round Two; Afternoon: Two Man Best Ball

February 27 – Morning: Club Championship Round Three Finals; Afternoon: Low Gross/Low Net