Oakwood Lady Niners prepare for spring

OLNGA President Barbara Stewart welcomes members to the New Year

OLNGA President Barbara Stewart welcomes members to the New Year

Ann Rounthwaite

Members of the Oakwood Lady Niners Golf Association showed their mettle this winter when they continued to golf in cold temperatures under cloudy skies through December and early January. They must have been inspired by the warmth and cheer engendered at the Christmas dinner on December 13, when golfers and their guests donned seasonal finery for camaraderie and a delicious meal at Oakwood’s Sunsets restaurant.

In spite of a forecast high of 52 degrees, 21 golfers turned out on December 15. Scoring Chair Reggie Wegman reported, “The brave little women could hardly swing from all the clothes. It was actually a great day to play. It warmed up right away, but we were so bundled up, it was funny.” Results in a low net game on the Palms were Flight 1: 1st Cora Lathom-Levensky, Phyllis Madison and Denise Fleshner, 2nd Joyce Parker, 3rd MJ Coking; Flight 2: 1st Julie Schneider, 2nd Helen Semple, 3rd JC Garceau; Flight 3: 1st Barbara Stewart, 2nd Sharon Gale, 3rd Julie Collier and Sheila Bossio.

League play was suspended on December 22 and 29 when many Niners were either away, entertaining visitors, or just staying warm. However, eight or nine hardy golfers played each week. On the 22nd, it warmed up enough once the sun broke through for a pleasant game. On the 29th, we’d reached the ninth hole before the chill began to dissipate.

On January 5 just a handful of golfers turned up in intermittent rain. One plucky threesome actually played. Sharon Gale, Colleen Duke and Debra Poropat were awarded the “Post Office prize” on the basis that neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom stayed these golfers from their appointed round. The day had been scheduled as the second of four games from which the 18 golfers participating in the State Medallion competition could pick their two best scores. As a result of the rain-out, January 26 was substituted as a State Medallion Day.

The OLNGA Board met on January 11 in the Oakwood Clubhouse Library. The cut-off day for payment for the league’s luncheons was changed to the Thursday before the luncheon because of the restaurant’s need for a definite number. The annual Member/Guest Day will be March 8 this year. Chairs Margaret Johns and Sharon Gale have decided on the theme of Bye, Bye Birdie and begun preparations for this fun day. It promises breakfast, lunch, golf, prizes and lots merriment! Save the date and line up your guest(s).

The Oakwood Lady Niners welcomes golfers of all abilities, including novices wanting to improve their game in a friendly and supportive environment. The league is inclusive, inviting all members to have lunch together after playing nine holes on Tuesday mornings and to socialize at organized luncheons and other special events. In addition to a “GEM” option where you can tee off at the 150 yard marker, we also offer a social membership for a nominal fee for those unable to golf but wanting to attend luncheons and other activities. Now is a great time to join for the 2016 season. Call Margaret Johns at 480-588-1807 for more information.