Niners September Results

Jim Wegman

We made it through the Arizona summer and the monsoon season, and now the overseed work has begun. Our winter visitors are slowly returning to Sun Lakes, and that is a sure sign that fall has arrived in other parts of the country.


9/1/22 Best Balls One Gross and One Net Lakes. 1st Joe D’Amore, Jordy Primack, Stan Posey, Bill Crump; 2nd Lloyd Schaeffer, Larry Swanson, John Shuler, John Gaudioso; 3rd Tom Reale, Ron Betti, Greg Wells, Jim Theobald; KPs: #2 Joe D’Amore, John Gaudioso; #6 Jordy Primack, Tom Reale

9/8/22 Skins Palms. Skins By Teams: #1 Lloyd Schaeffer, Bill Pender, Ed Anderson; #2 Jerry Richards, Tom Reale, Joe D’Amore; #3 Ron Betti, Tom Bleier, Paul Feeney; #4 Jerry Vickery, Dan Halloran, Mike Partridge; #5 Jack Cameron, Jim Janowski, Stan Posey; #6 Greg Wells, Bill Whitely, John Gaudioso; #7 Bill McConnell, Larry Schuller, Pete Stein; #8 Butch Bosselli, Bill Crump, Peter Gerdik, Dennis Clark; #9 Paul Wilde, Jim Theobald, Bruce Vantine; KPs: #4 Stan Posey, Tom Reale; #7 Jim Janowski

9/15/22 Cha Cha Cha Sonoran. 1st Lee Boudreaux, Jerry Richards, Bill Whitely, Butch Bosselli; 2nd Ron Fager, Greg Wells, David Mork, Paul Wilde; 3rd Lloyd Schaeffer, Stan Posey, Len Dolins, Bruce Vantine; KPs: #3 Butch Bosselli, Mark Bernier; #8 Jim Johnson, Tom Reale

9/22/22 Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Lakes. 1st Jim Campbell, Ron Betti, Bill McConnell; 2nd Larry Swanson, Paul Feeney, Jack Cameron, Paul Wilde; 3rd Joe D’Amore, Jordy Primack, Pete Stein, Dennis Clark; KPs: #2 Ron Fager, Pete Stein; #6 Ron Fager, Jim Theobald

9/29/22 Low Net by Tee Palms. White Tee: 1st Bob Clark; 2nd Jim Campbell; Gold Tee: 1st Peter Gerdik; 2nd (tie) Butch Bosselli, Tom Reale; Silver Tee: 1st Jack Cameron; 2nd Larry Schuller; 3rd Lee Boudreaux; KPs: #4 Bruce Vantine, #7 Tom Reale, Larry Schuller

It is my sad duty to report on the passing of another Niner, Jack Cook. It was my privilege and pleasure to know Jack Cook. We played together in the Niners, the Ironwood Men’s Golf Association and the Oakwood Couples. Jack was a husband to Donna, a father and proud grandfather, and a member since 2007. Jack served on the board of the Niners and was president in 2011 and 2012.

In his earlier life, Jack was a ski patrol member in Colorado, an artillery officer, ranger, and paratrooper. Jack was a very proud Vietnam veteran and an all-around good guy.

At the end of a round, win or lose, he would laugh and often say, “Gentlemen, this was a slice of heaven.” Well, now, Jack really has a slice of heaven.

To Donna and the Cook family, we offer our deepest condolences on Jack’s passing.