“No Clue” Trivia Team wins 2nd in state

Denise Lott

For the sixth time in a row, one of our Sun Lakes Trivia Teams, “No Clue,” was invited to the semi-annual Trivia Team Finals, vying for State Championships on July 29, 2018, at the Arena Stadium Club in Scottsdale.

“No Clue” tied for first place with another team and had to answer one additional question. The team with the closest answer would be the state winner and secure a $1,000 prize. The question was, “When did Portugal allow women to vote?” “No Clue” responded 1936, and the other team said 1937 which put them closer to the correct answer of 1976, so “No Clue” went home with a $500 check.

Their group is comprised of members Sandy and Ralph Casale, Gary Boshes, Brook Jones, Cody, Chris, Annelle Newcomb and Carri Chaddon. They often play three times a week in the Sun Lakes trivia sessions.

You can find a Team Trivia game in the local areas almost any night of the week. It is so popular with the Sun Lakes crowd that there are three to four evenings of trivia, depending on the season, spread between Ironwood (Wednesday and Thursday), Cottonwood Palo Verde (Sundays) and Phase 1 (Mondays), as well as in several Chandler clubs.

During each six-month block of time, scores are recorded for any Team Trivia.com-registered groups, and finalists are selected based on their best 20 scores during the six-month period.