November CMGA results

Results for CMGA in November 2016:

11/05. Morning Ace of Aces Qualifier – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Grady Anderson and Kim Barnes, 3rd Rusty Williams; Flight 1 Net: 1st Rusty Williams, 2nd Kim Barnes, 3rd Grady Anderson; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Bill Moore, 2nd Larry Frink, 3rd Buddy Meola, Don Mugrave, Gary Serletic, Paul Graebke and Terry Wilson; Flight 2 Net: 1st Bill Moore, 2nd Larry Frink, 3rd Buddy Meola, Don Mugrave and Paul Graebke; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Ed Farrenkopf and Gene Kivi, 3rd Bob Sullivan and Jim Czaja; Flight 3 Net: 1st Ed Farrenkopf, 2nd Bob Sullivan, 3rd Gene Kivi; Flight 4 Gross: 1st George Papaioannou and Les Elliott, 3rd Ron Sarnicki and Steve Martz; Flight 4 Net: 1st George Papaioanno, Les Elliott and Don Bartolo; Flight 5 Gross: 1st Jack Voight, 2nd Earl Whiteman and Ralph Annen; Flight 5 Net: 1st Ralph Annen, 2nd Jack Voight. 3rd Bud Carter, Danny Jetton and Tim Fettis

11/12. Morning Cha Cha Cha – 1st place team: Steven M Bennett, Ron Sarnicki, Steve Martz and Keith Wilson; 2nd place team: Don Klein, Paul Homan, Jack Voight and John Robbins, 3rd place team: Deno Edwards, Leornad Streit, Don Bartola and John

11/17 Afternoon Home and Home with Sun Lakes Country Club at Sun Lakes – Day 1 results: Cottonwood 247, Sun Lakes 185

11/19. Morning Home and Home with Sun Lakes Country Club at Cottonwood – Day 2 results: Cottonwood 270, Sun Lakes 162

11/19. Two Man One Gross/One Net – 1st place team: Bob Reider and Ralph Annen; Larry Frink and Ray Welker, 3rd place team: Les Elliott and Ray Osborne

11/26. Morning Quota Tournament – Flight 1: 1st Ed Frees, 2nd Jay Mays, 3rd Kim Barnes; Flight 2: 1st Glenn Martinsen and Ed Farrenkopf, 3rd Les Elliott; Flight 3: 1st Steve Lowe, Rick Nelson, Steve Martz and Ken Pearson; Flight 4: 1st Tom Rhea, 2nd Bill Jablonski, 3rd Phil Lucas

Upcoming January Tournaments:

January 7 Afternoon Ace of Aces Qualifier

January 14 Afternoon Quota Tournament

January 20 Afternoon Member/Member Round 1

January 21 Afternoon Member/Member Round 2

January 21 Afternoon Individual Low Gross/Low Net

January 28 Morning Two Man Team Select a Drive One Gross/One Net

January 28 Afternoon Ace of Aces 1st Round 1 (qualifiers from 2016)

January 29 Morning Ace of Aces Final Round